Friday, April 28, 2017

Yun Gee in 20th Century Chinese Art, 2006

Christie’s, Hong Kong
November 26, 2006

pages 24 to 33
essay about Yun Gee
photograph of Yun Gee
Head of Man in Cap (1927; reference only)
My Conception of Christ (1926)
Confucius (1929; reference only)
The Flute Player (1928; reference only)
Princess Achille Murat (1929; cover art)

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Friday, April 21, 2017

Yun Gee: A Modernist Painter

Marlborough Gallery
October 19 – November 19, 2005


photograph of Yun Gee

Yun Gee, an International Modernist
essay by Ilene Susan Fort

Untitled (Nude Reclining; circa 1925)
Sun Bathers (1932)
Modern Apartment (1932)
Merry-Go-Round (1932)
Head of a Man (1927)
Female Portrait (1927)
Untitled (The Traditional Family; circa 1940)
Untitled (Two Flowers in Tall Grass; circa 1940)
Untitled (Two Large Flowers on Branches; circa 1940)
Untitled (Landscape in Chinese Style; no date)
Edouard Champion (circa 1936)
Untitled (Man Dancing with Sword; circa 1930)
Untitled (Dancing Figure; circa 1930)
Untitled (Standing Female Nude; 1932)
Untitled (Man with Hat; 1926)
Untitled (Abstract Nude; circa 1926)
Head in Profile and Figure (1926)
Self-Portrait (circa 1926–1927)
Untitled (Flowers on Long Stems; circa 1940)
Untitled (Landscape; 1927)
Untitled (Five Flowers on Branches; circa 1940)
Untitled (One Flower on Branches; circa 1940)
Untitled (Four Flowers in Tall Grass; circa 1940)
Untitled (Two Flowers and Big Leaves on Branches; circa 1940)
Color as History of the Atmosphere: Rotation of the Day (no date)
Color Theory (no date)
Geometrical Theory (no date)
Tri-King 4-D Chess (circa 1950)
Untitled (Harry’s Coffee) (circa 1930)
Untitled (Standing Female Nude; 1926)
Untitled (Male Figure Study; 1925)


Friday, April 7, 2017

Yun Gee’s Tri-King 4-D Chess and Checkers



Chess, panel 1

Chess, panel 2

Chess, panel 3

Chess, panel 4

Chess, panel 5

Chess, panel 6



Checkers, panel 1

Checkers, panel 2

Checkers, panel 3

Checkers, panel 4

Checkers, panel 5

Checkers, panel 6



TV Appearance

Publicity, page 1

Publicity, page 2

Publicity, page 3

Publicity, page 4

Publicity, page 5

Publicity, page 6

Publicity, page 7

Publicity, page 8
Advertisement in a 1954 issue
of Arts Magazine

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