Friday, June 21, 2019

Tyrus Wong’s Christ Painting

Chinese Digest
May 1, 1936
Christ Picture
Considered a most outstanding artistic and spiritual contribution, a life size picture of the Chinese conception of the Lord, Jesus Christ, was unveiled Easter Sunday at the Chinese Congregational Church in Los Angeles.

The picture, an oil painting, is the work of Tyrus Wong, honor student of the Otis Art Institute of Los Angeles, and hailed by eminent art critics of the southland as an original impression of Christ.

Since the painting, showing the benevolent Christ floating on spiritual clouds, has been done, several art organizations have requested it for exhibition. The Congregational Church feels fortunate in obtaining this work of Mr. Wong’s

Mr. Lum Young, member of the church board of trustees, made the philanthropic gesture in donating one hundred dollars towards the art materials for the painting.

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Friday, June 14, 2019

Mei Lan-fang in the book, San Francisco’s Chinatown

San Francisco’s Chinatown
Charles Caldwell Dobie
Appleton-Century Company, 1936

page 285: … To the average American the Chinese Theatre is and must ever remain a curiosity—a museum piece. There are poseurs who insist that they find it exceedingly profound and enjoyable. But do not trust them. It touches our racial consciousness at no point except when it turns acrobatic or slap-stick. Of course the performance of a Mei Lan-Fang is another matter. Genius speaks every tongue. But, remember, too, that when we see Mei Lan-Fang we see him in a Western theatre. The house lights are darkened, the aisles are free of romping children, the music is tamed. The real test of our enjoyment of the Chinese Theatre must be made with all its distractions, its incongruities, its incoherences. ...

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Friday, June 7, 2019

Advertising: Chinese Intelligence

Literary Digest
November 15, 1924

October 5, 1878
Page 75, column 4: Dio Lewis, after three years in California, took part in a discussion of the Chinese question in Boston, and claimed that the Chinese are physically, morally and mentally superior to any other people.

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