Friday, November 22, 2013

Yun Gee and the Chinese Revolutionary Artists’ Club

Yun Gee and the Chinese Revolutionary Artists’ Club
Anthony Lee

The Niagara Falls Gazette 
(New York) 
April 11, 1927 
Daily News Letter by William Parker 
San Francisco, April 11—The revolution gripping China has extended to art circles in San Francisco’s Chinatown. “The Modern Revolutionary Chinese Artists’ Club” has been organized and is holding an exhibition at 18 Waverly Place.

Every exhibit is of the impressionistic or futuristic school and all from the brushes of young Chinese students in the quarter. None of the students is more than twenty years of age and one is only fifteen.

The exhibition is conducted by Yun, aged twenty, an Americanized native Chinese who wears a basque cap on his head and fuzz on his chin.

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