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Yun Gee at Lin & Keng Gallery, 1998

Lin & Keng Gallery
Taipei, Taiwan
November 14 – December 1, 1998

Yun Gee and China
essay by Chia Chi Jason Wang

Steps (1926)
Portrait of a Woman (no date)
Seated Man Wearing Hat (1926)
Portrait of Otis Oldfield (1927; aka Man with Pipe)
House Near Paris (circa 1928)
Life and Death (1928)
Place Maubert (1929)
Andre Salmon (1939)
Self-Portrait (circa 1930)
Portrait of a Man (1940)
Fountain in Park (before 1937)
Fountain in Park, Winter (no date)
Girl by the Lake (late 1930s or early 1940s)
Sorbonne Square (1936–1937)
Bridge in Summer (1940)
Central Park Lake (1940; different painting with same title in Life magazine)
Central Park (no date)
Swan Lake, Central Park (no date)
[pages 43–44 missing]
Park in Spring (no date)
Central Park (1952; aka West Tower from Central Park in Winter)
Horse (no date)
Animal Family (no date)
Horses at Sunset (no date)
Harlequin Holding Figure (no date)
Radio Street, Pelham Bay (no date)
Horse with Rider (1940)
[pages 55–56 missing]
Seated Nude (circa 1940)
Nude on Red Armchair (1930s)
Dancing Nudes (1939)
Four Nudes (1939; aka Nudes on Horseback; aka Knights Combat)
Two Women (no date)
Seated Nude (1942)
Portrait of Woman in Chair (1940)
Searchlight (1943; aka Army Searchlight)
Nude (no date)
Nude (1942)
Linda Darnell (1951; catalog cover art)
Room with a View (1951; aka Hospital Court; reclining woman resembles Gee’s wife Helen Wimmer)
The Resurrection (1929)

Confucius (1930; bronze, edition of 8)

Resting Female Nude (1931)
Kneeling Female Nude (1931)
Abstract Figue (1932)
Le Maitre etude sa moral a l’aide de ses deux soleils (1929)
Chinese Woman in Pink Dress (1930)
Two Chinese Women (1930)
Portrait of a Man (1926)
Geometric Landscape (1927)
Female Nude Carrying Ball (1952)
Figure (1932)
Abstract Nude (1932)

Dance of Li Po (1935, New York)
Yun Gee with Confucius sculpture and Wheels: Industrial New York (1932 or later)
Yun Gee in Chinese Costume (no date)
Yun Gee Dance (no date)

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