Friday, August 28, 2020

Photography: Mabel Ping-hua Lee

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, December 27, 1908


















New York Herald, March 14, 1911; I believe Lee is third from the left


















New York Evening World, April 12, 1912; I retouched the image to remove printing imperfections.


















New York Tribune, April 13, 1912



















New York Tribune, April 14, 1912; left to right, Mrs. Lee Towe, Mabel Lee, and Rev. Lee Towe


The Farmer, May 1, 1912; photo also appeared in the Democratic Banner, May 3, 1912 and Cairo Bulletin, May 4, 1912



















The Chinese Students' Monthly, February 10, 1914; Chinese Students' Club of Columbia University

The Chinese Students' Monthly, February 1915; Columbia Chinese Students' Club

New York Tribune, June 22, 1915





























1916 Mortarboard, Barnard College yearbook (at, Silver Bay group

1916 Mortarboard, Barnard College yearbook, Class of 1916


1916 Mortarboard, Barnard College yearbook, senior portrait















Chinese Students Monthly, April 1916

New York Sun, March 29, 1923; written in red ink “N.Y. Sun 3/29-'23” and at the bottom of the border it says “Sun Staff Photos”



















Troy Times, March 31, 1923


















Syracuse Journal, April 4, 1923; see Library of Congress link below; also published in the Buffalo Morning Express, April 22, 1923




















New York Sun, April 2, 1942


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Friday, August 21, 2020

Jake Lee paintings from Kan's Restaurant will be reunited!

Jake Lee produced twelve paintings for Kan's Restaurant in San Francisco. Four paintings from a private collector will be purchased by the Chinese Historical Society of America which owns the other eight paintings. You can contribute to CHSA's purchase at its gofundme page.

Sue Lee video interview with David Perry, August 17, 2020. She talks about Jake and Kan's.

Here are the twelve paintings from the 2011 "Finding Jake Lee" catalog.


Lantern Making in San Francisco

Miners in Mother Lode Country

Shrimp Camp at China Camp

Shoemakers in Massachusetts
















Chinese Opera House in San Francisco
















Chinese New Year Celebration
















Pig Roasting in Nevada City
















Champion Firehose Team of Deadwood, South Dakota

Vineyard Workers in Sonoma County
















Cigar Makers in San Francisco
















Laborers Working on Central Pacific Railroad
















 Immigrants Disembarking Ship















A set of postcards was produced. Below are four of twelve numbered postcards. The number is in postage stamp box.

#3 Lantern Making, San Francisco
















#4 Laborers Working on Central Pacific Railroad
















 #9 Chinese Opera House, San Francisco

#11 Chinese New Year Celebration, San Francisco
















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