Friday, August 6, 2021

Poy Gum Lee (Li Jinpei) in Brooklyn and Mineola, New York

Brooklyn Eagle, March 5, 1947
Brooklyn Eagle, March 7, 1947
4–5 room apartment, preferably Brooklyn or Columbia Heights, for architect and family; willing to buy furniture. Write Poy G. Lee, 46 Mulberry St., N.Y. 13.

A photograph of the family in Brooklyn is here

Lee’s wife, Pansy Choye, became a naturalized citizen on April 19, 1949. The address on her naturalization card (at was 850 Union Street in Brooklyn. The building was a two-family house. The other residents were Mrs. Gomeringer and her son

The 1950 Membership Directory of the American Institute of Architects listed Lee’s home address as 850 Union Street, Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Eagle, April 27, 1951
Real Estate: Buy Union St. House
Fong Eng, Fong Lum Shee, Sing Leong and Sim Nguey Leong have purchased the two-story two-family dwelling located at 850 Union St., on a plot 19.6 x 90, from Poy G. Lee.

Lee moved to the Long Island village, Mineola, New York. The 1956 American Architects Directory said his address was 299 Saville Road. Lee’s youngest daughter graduated from Mineola High School in 1961. Lee’s three daughters (in birth order), Arlene, Kathreen and Elizabeth, moved to California. The 1962 American Architects Directory said Lee had a residence at 215 Park Row in Manhattan.