Friday, February 24, 2017

The Paintings of Yun Gee

Introduction and Catalogue by Joyce Brodsky
Edited by Hildegard Cummings and Stephanie Terenzio
A Reminiscence by Helen Gee
The William Benton Museum of Art
The University of Connecticut, Storrs
October 13 – November 18, 1979

Front Cover

Back Cover

The Flute Player (1928)
Portrait of Gottardo Piazzoni (1927)
Wheels: Industrial of New York City (1932)
Landscape with Two Tree Trunks (1926)
Head of Woman with Necklace (circa 1926)
Girl on Bridge (1926)
Houses on a Hill (1926)
My Conception of Christ (1926)
San Francisco Street Scene with Construction Workers (1926)
Skull (1926)
Chinese Musicians (circa 1927)
Street Scene (1926)
Head of Man in Cap (1927)
Man with Pipe (1926)
Park Bench II (1927)
A Woman Reading (1926)
Man Holding Baby (1926)
Pantheon and Workmen (1927)
Head of Woman Wearing Hat (circa 1927)
Where Is My Mother (1926–1927)
Chinese Man in Hat (1928)
Caretaker’s Cottage (circa 1927)
Houses Near Paris (1928)
Cat and the Rain (1929)
How I Saw Myself in a Dream (circa 1929)
Confucius (1929)

Head of Man with Pipe (1927)
Pencil portrait of Gee by Paule de Reuss (1930)

Gee, in dance costume, playing the flute (1933)
Gee with The Last Supper mural for St. Peter’s in the Bronx (1933)
Gee at His Easel (1927)
Otis Oldfield in San Francisco (no date)
Gee in San Francisco (no date)
Gee and his Chinese Revolutionary Artists’ Club in San Francisco
Gee in Paris (1929)
Gee in New York (no date)
Gee with skylark, New York (no date)

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