Friday, May 22, 2015

Rose Law Yow

born January 20, 1901, Oregon

1910 United States Federal Census
711 17th Avenue, Seattle Ward, Washington
Name / Age
Loe Yow 48 [China; Foreman/Cannery]
Suey Yow 28 [California]
Rosie Yow 10 [Oregon]
Daisy Yow 2 [Washington]

Tolo Annual 1919
Franklin High School
Seattle Washington
Rose Law Yow, senior class and staff artist

Missions: American Baptist International Magazine
? 1918
9. Piano Solo, Barcarole in A...Rose Law Yow

The Chinese Students’ Monthly
January 1919
...Miss Rose Law Yow, Secretary and Treasurer...

The Chinese Students’ Club of Washington

The Chinese Students’ Monthly
June 1919
...Miss Rose Law Yow reported us an interesting current event on Poison, considering the smuggling of morphine into China by Japan. Miss Law Yow after graduating from High School this June expects to attend the State University.

1920 United States Federal Census
320 15th Avenue, Seattle, Washington
Name / Age [Birthplace]
Law Yow 57 [China; Foreman/Cannery]
Helen Yow 37 [China]
Rose Yow 18 [Oregon]
Daisy Yow 11 [Washington]
Amy Yow 7 [Washington]
Edwin Yow 4 [Alaska]

Washington, Chinese Passenger
Rose Law Yow
September 3, 1920
Seattle, Washington
S.S. Princess Charlotte

The Chinese Students’ Monthly
December 1920
A List of Contributors
Yow, Rose Law

Catalogue: University of Washington, 1921
Register of Students 1920–1921
Yow, Rose Law LD, FA Seattle

Christian China
March 1921
...In the interval, Rose Law Yow, Lena Chinn, Lonnie Woo and Lily Chinn presented musical numbers.

Christian China
October 1921
...Miss Rose Law Yow, Second Vice Chairman...

The Chinese Students’ Monthly
November 1921
Rose Law Yow has been elected vice-president of Lambda Rho and secretary of U. of W. Arts Club...

The Chinese Students’ Monthly
December 1921
...officers are: Rose Law Yow, Chairman, 320 15th Ave....

The Chinese Students’ Monthly
March 1922
...The resignation of Rose Law Yow was accepted...

Chinese Student Christian Association in North America
1922 Yearbook
Seattle—Miss Rose Law Yow, 320 15th Ave., S., Seattle, Wash.

The 1923 Tyee
University of Washington
Senior Class Photograph
Lambda Rho
The Junior Girls’ Vodvil
Chinese Students Club

American Art Directory
Volume 20
American Federation of Arts, 1923
Yow, Rose Law, 320—15th Ave., Seattle, Wash. (P.)

Who Was Who in American Art
Peter Hastings Falk
Sound View Press, 1985
Yow, Rose Law [P] Seattle, WA [24]

California Death Index
Rose Law Soo [Rose Law Yow]
Birth: January 20, 1901, Oregon
Death: February 10, 1951, Los Angeles

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Keye Luke and The Lost Dove

Ann Fisher
House-Warven Publishers, 1953
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Slipcase, cover and interior pages

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Friday, May 8, 2015

Tyrus Wong and Venus Water-Coloring Pencils

Advertisement appeared in American Artist, May 1953.
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The New York Times
December 30, 2016
Tyrus Wong, ‘Bambi’ Artist Thwarted by Racial Bias, Dies at 106

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Friday, May 1, 2015

Views from Asian California, 1920-1965

An Illustrated History by Michael Brown
1992 (self-published)

A private collection of artwork by artists of Chinese and Japanese descent in California. Below is a list of the Chinese American artists, most of whom are represented by artwork. Dates are from the book.

Eva Fong Chan (1897–1991), profile
Wah Ming Chang (1917– ), profile, two wood block prints, etching, and pastel drawing
George Chann (1915– ), profile and three oil paintings
David Paul Chun (1899– ), profile one woodcut and two lithographs
Yun Gee (1906–1963), profile
Hon-Chew Hee (1905– ), profile and two oil paintings
Dong Kingman (1911– ), profile and two watercolors
John Kwok (1920–1983), profile
Chee Chin S. Cheung Lee (1896– ), profile, watercolor and oil painting
Jake Lee (1915–1992), profile and watercolor
Peter Lowe (1913–1990), profile
Keye Luke (1911–1991), profile
Wing Kwong-Tse (1902– ), profile and watercolor
Nanying Stella Wong (1914– ), profile
Tyrus Wong (1910– ), profile
Gary Woo (1928– ), profile and oil painting
Jade Fon Woo (1911–1893), profile and two watercolors
Ling-fu Yang (1889–1978), profile
Richard Yip (1919–1981), profile and two watercolors
Lai Yong (1840–?), profile
John Chin Young (1909– ), profile and watercolor
Si Chen Yuan (1911–1974), profile and oil painting

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