Friday, June 9, 2017

Yun Gee: Poetry, Writings, Art, Memories

Anthony W. Lee, Editor
University of Washington Press, 2003

Jacket art: Man Writing (1927)

Head of a Man (1926–1927)
Untitled (An Audience, 1927)
My First Impression of Paris (1927)
How I Saw Myself in a Dream (circa 1929)
Wheels: Industrial New York (1932)
Where Is My Mother (1926–1927)
Man Writing (1927)
Mrs. Salinger in Paris (1927)
Portrait of Paul Valery (no date)
The Flute Player (1928)
The Charm of Music (1930)
Madrid Landscape with a White Building (1928)
Self-Portrait in Beret (1927)
The Last Supper panel 1, panel 2 and panel 3 (1933)
The Red Chair (1928)

Yun Gee with a Bird at the Window (circa 1930s)
Yun Gee Painting (circa 1926)
Yun Gee and Models Standing by the Painting Temptation (circa 1931)
Yun Gee Playing Chess (1954; a similar photograph, from a different point of view, was distributed by United Press International; his daughter, Li-Lan, is also in the picture)
Yun Gee Reading a Scroll (circa 1929)

Wheels: Industrial New York (1932 sketch)
The Charm of Music (1930 study)
China and Manchuria (no date)
Hand-lettered brochure for art school (circa 1950)
4-D Is on the Wing and the Wise Men Are Nearest (circa 1954)
Geometrical Theory (no date)
Color Theory (no date)
Color as History of Atmosphere (no date)

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