Friday, November 15, 2019

Television: The Asian Interracial Kiss

Here are some televised interracial kisses between a Caucasian man and Asian woman and an Asian man and Caucasian woman.

“Dragon at the Door” aired September 26, 1961, with Nobu McCarthy
see the kiss at Brian Camp’s Film and Anime Blog

I Spy
“The Tiger” aired January 5, 1966, with France Nuyen

The Wild Wild West
“The Night the Dragon Screamed” aired January 14, 1966, with Pilar Seurat

“The Bitter Yen of General Ti” aired February 3, 1967, with Irene Tsu
see the kiss at the Official Peter Brown Fan Site

The Golden Girls
“Vacation” aired November 29, 1986, with Keye Luke

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Friday, November 8, 2019

Television: Chinese Working on the Railroad

Some vintage and recent television westerns with Chinese laborers working on the railroad.

The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.
“Pilot” aired August 27, 1994, with James Hong, Chi Muoi Lo, Stuart Quan,

Cimarron City
Chinese Invasion” aired March 21, 1959, with Lisa Lu, James Hong, Spencer Chan, Owen Song

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
”The Train” aired September 24, 1994, with Eric Michael Zee
“Things My Father Never Taught Me” aired February 10, 1995, with Eric Michael Zee
“Hell on Wheels” aired December 9, 1995, with Eric Michael Zee

Have Gun Will Travel
“Hey Boy’s Revenge” aired April 12, 1958, with Kam Tong (Hey Boy), Philip Ahn, Lisa Lu (Hey Girl), Harold Fong, Spencer Chan, Paul King, Owen Song, Walter Soo Hoo

Hell on Wheels
Season 5, 2015–2016

The Iron Horse
“The Dynamite Driver” aired September 19, 1966, with James Hong, William Saito
“Sister Death” aired April 3, 1967, with James Hong

Kung Fu
The Garments of Rage” aired November 8, 1974, with Philip Ahn, James Shigeta, James Hong, Johnny Yune, Jay Jay Jue

Little House on the Prairie
To Live with Fear, Part 2” aired February 21, 1977, with James Shigeta

The Magnificent Seven
Chinatown” aired July 9, 1999, with John Cho, George Kee Cheung, Jim Lau, Kathleen Luong, Tzi Ma, Roland Nip, Arsenio “Sonny” Trinidad

Wanted: Dead or Alive
“Black Belt” aired March 19, 1960, with Robert Kino

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Friday, November 1, 2019

Asian American Film Festival and Asian American International Film Festival

Selected Programs

1978 Asian American Film Festival

1979 Asian American Film Festival

1980 Asian American Film Festival

1981 Asian American Film Festival

1984 Asian American International Film Festival

1985 Asian American International Film Festival

1989 Asian American International Film Festival

1990 Asian American International Film Festival

1991 Asian American International Film Festival

1992 Asian American International Film Festival

1994 Asian American International Film Festival

1995 Asian American International Film Festival

1996 Asian American International Film Festival

1997 Asian American International Film Festival

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Friday, October 18, 2019

Wang Fangyu, Calligrapher

February 2, 1913, Beijing, China – October 6, 1997, New York, New York

Wang Fangyu’s birth date is from the Social Security Death Index. His Social Security application said his father was Wu T. Wang and mother Shu C. Chu.

The following travel information is at

On June 2, 1944, Wang sailed aboard the steamship General H. W. Butner from Bombay, India. He was a student going to the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. His wife was Wang Ya who resided in Beijing at 12 Sawatze. Wang arrived in Los Angeles, California on July 1, 1944.

Wang was a passenger on China National Aviation Corporation’s inauguration flight, October 6, 1947, from Shanghai, China. The plane landed in Honolulu, Hawaii to refuel then continued on to San Francisco, California, where it landed on October 7.

Wang was a resident of New Haven, Connecticut when he flew on the Flying Tiger Line from New York. The plane departed July 17, 1951 and was destined for Luxembourg.

Wang was naturalized on July 24, 1953 by the U.S. District Court at New Haven, Connecticut. His address was 3 Woodbine Street, Hamden, Connecticut.

Aboard Japan Air Lines, Wang flew from San Francisco on November 26, 1954, bound for Tokyo.

From Tokyo, Wang departed January 31, 1955, on Pan American World Airways bound for San Francisco.

New Haven, Connecticut city directories, for 1963 and 1965, listed Wang as an instructor residing at 425 Norton Parkway.

Wang passed away October 6, 1997 in New York City. An obituary was published in The New York Times on October 11.

Books and Exhibitions

Walking to Where the River Ends

Dancing Ink

Gallery 456

Master of the Lotus GardenThe Life and Art of Bada Shanren (1626-1705)
Yale University Press, 1990

The Calligraphy of Wang Fangyu
.J. Wender Gallery
February 1991

Romance of the Stone: Chinese Seal Engraving
China Institute in America
December 1992

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