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Poy Gum Lee (Li Jinpei) in Who’s Who in China

Who’s Who in China
Biographies of Chinese Leaders
Fifth Edition
The China Weekly Review, 1936
page 137, column 2

Poy G. Lee, R.A., (Li Ching-pei)

Poy G. Lee, R.A., architect; born at New York City, U.S.A., Jan. 14, 1900, of Cantonese parentage; attended Dewitt Clinton High School 1913–17, Pratt Institute 1917–20, Massachusetts Institute of Technology summer 1921, Columbia University 1922–23, completing Beaux Arts Institute work 1919–23; passed the University of the State of New York licence [sic] for registered architect 1923; employed in the offices of Murphy Mcgill & Hamlin Archts., J.F. Jackson Archt., and Ludlow & Peabody Archts., working on the Yenching University, New Jersey & Passaic Y.M.C.A. Buildings, John’s Manville 28 story building, New York and Times Annex Buildings of 20 stories, respectively; came to China for the Y.M.C.A. Building Bureau for China, Nov. 1923 in association with A.Q. Adamson, director; completed the following Y.M.C.A.’s in China; Shanghai foreign, Shanghai Navy, Changsha, Paoting, Tsinan, Nanking, Ningpo, Shanghai National Committee Building, Nanchang, Chengtu, Foochow, Amoy, during the period of 1923 to 1927; started his own practice in April, 1927; became associate architect to Y.C. Lu during the period of his illness, 1928; upon Lu’s death in March, 1929, was entrusted by the respective Committees to finish up the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, Nanking, and the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Canton, 1929–1930; chartered member of the Society of Chinese Architects, secretary and treasurer 1927–29, president 1930; handled the following work 1927–30: The Nantao Christian Institute, The Mary Farnham Girls School, the Frenchtown Shanghai Chinese Y.M.C.A. 11 story Building, the National Y.M.C.A. Headquarters 8 story Building, Shanghai; Huchow Isolation Hospital, Cantonese Guild Girls School, Shanghai; Hangchow Power Plant; Central University—College of Commerce, Kiangwan; Wuhan University, Wuchang; Cantonese Baptist Church, Shanghai; Capital Theatre, Nanking; and the Shanghai Quarantine Station; New Capital Theatre, Nanking; Lingnan School, Shanghai; Quarantine Station, Amoy. Changchow General Hospital, Changchow; elected President, Society of Chinese Architects, 1936; address: 349 Kiangse Road.

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The 1936 book is available at the Internet Archive.

American University Men in China
American University Club of Shanghai
Comacrib Press, 1936

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