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Poy Gum Lee (Li Jinpei), 1945, 1946

Passenger List

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Name: Poy Gum Lee
Departure Date: 13 Oct 1945
Arrival Date: 5 Nov 1945
Age: 45
Birth Date: abt 1900
Birthplace: New York, New York, United States
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Chinese
Ship Name: La Vaca
Port of Arrival: San Francisco
Port of Departure: Shanghai, China
Last Residence: China
Friend's Name: Boe D Lee

November 8, 1945
page 7 column 2: Among Arriving Repatriates
Lee, Poy G., and family

Buffalo Courier-Express
(New York)
February 24, 1946
“Chinese Student Returns with Family”

The page was folded and covered part of the caption under the top photograph. Here is the text as it may been appeared:
In returning to his alma mater, where, in a year, he can qualify for a B.A. degree, Mr. Poy G. Lee resumed architectural studies that were interrupted 25 years ago. At that time, after three years of study at Pratt Institute, New York, he left school to work in Shanghai, China, as an architect designing the Bank of Canton. Later he finished the mausoleum for Dr. Sun Yat Sen in Nanking. In Shanghai, Mr. Lee, who is New York born, married a Chinese citizen, and raised a daughter, Arlene. Now he returns to study at Pratt, he is accompanied by his wife and daughter, who is 17. Photo above shows Mr. Lee at his studies.
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