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Yook Yee Wong 黄玉瑜 at Lingnan University

Yale University Library
Yale Divinity Library

Digital Collections has nearly 13,000 images. I did a search for Divinity Library Photographs and Lingnan which resulted in 2,825 images. I had the images sorted by date beginning with the oldest.

Yook Yee Wong was at Lingnan University beginning in 1931. He is in three engineering faculty photographs and a staff photograph.

College of Engineering, 1931; LN5965718; YY Wong, first row, far left

Chinese and foreign staff, 1932; LN5965722; YY Wong is on the left side

College of Business Administration, 1933; LN5965710 l YY Wong, second row, fourth from left
Photograph is mislabeled; it is the engineering faculty.

College of Engineering faculty, 1937; LN596575 ; YY Wong, first row, far left

Wong worked on the Engineering Hall

“Chung Wing Kwong: Legendary Educator in China’s New Learning”
Sui Ming Lee, Emily M. Hill
The Commercial Press, 2011
page 146
Lingnan University in founding the College of Engineering at Lingnan, the University Weekly stated: “The College of Engineering will establish a program of instruction in engineering to meet its primary goal of the training of technical specialists in railway and road construction. After discussing this project directly in Nanjing and raising full funding for it, Dr Chung has delegated alumnus Y. M. Lin to return to Guangdong in time to make a report to the Board of Directors. During the meeting the College of Engineering has been formally established, and scheduled to open next semester.” The Weekly also reported that the Canton-Hankow Railway Bureau had allocated annual expenses of 6,000 to the college, of which several instalments [sic] had already been paid.

In December 1929, the building plan for a College of Engineering, designed in Chinese palatial style, had been drawn up by architect Wong Yuk-yue, and the ground was broken for construction. The building was completed in 1931, and named “Zhesheng Hall.” The first and second groups of engineering students attended classes in this building. Many of the instructors were well-known specialists from the transportation sector, who had expert knowledge and rich experience.
Engineering Hall; ubc0163
Engineering building; LN515745
Interior Engineering; LN5662516
Civil Engineering faculty, 1932; LN5965716
College of Engineering, 1933; LN596579
Exchange Students at Lingnan, 1935; LN626891
Exchange Students at Lingnan, Engineering Hall in background, 1935; LN626893
The Governor coming out from the Engineering Building; ubc2855

Wong designed the New Girl’s Dormitory

Breaking ground for women’s dormitory, 1932; LN586486
Girls watch breaking of ground for 1st building, 1932; LN586488
Girls watch breaking of ground for 1st building, 1932; LN586489
Mrs. Comfort breaks ground of 1st women's building, 1932; LN5864811
Women’s Dorm Construction, March 1933; LN5157714
Women’s Dorm Distant, September 1933; LN5157711
First Women’s Dorm on Official Opening, from northeast, 1933; LN5157713
First Women’s Dorm on Official Opening, from southeast, 1933; LN5157712
Women’s Dorm; LN515779
Women’s Dorm Close Up, September 1933; LN5157710
College Men’s [Women’s] Dorm, 1931 [1933]; LN5157838
Opening exercises of women’s dorm; LN586482
Opening exercises of women’s dorm; LN586481
Group of female students in front of Girls’ Dormitory at its opening; LN6369716
Dean, Mrs. Chung, Pres. Chung formally open 1st building for women; LN586487
Opening of women’s building; LN586483
Opening of women’s building; LN586484
Male students looking on at opening of 1st women’s building; LN5864810
Lingnan Sociology students, in front of west entrance of girls dormitory, 1934; LN616805
Campus as Seen from Girls’ Dormitory; LN535989
First Girls Dormitory, interior—Ellen W. Longstreth Room, March 1935; LN515777
First Girls Dormitory Interior—College Club Room [March 1935]; LN515778
Female students (including exchange students from America) seated in front of the Girls’ Dormitory, 1936; LN6369715
Orange Wing; LN5258618
Orange Wing; LN5258621
Girls Dormitory, 1950; LN5258912
Girls Dormitory, 1950; LN5258913
Girls Dormitory in Background from UTC Site, 1950; LN5258916
View of Girls Dormitory, 1950; LN5258917

Wong designed the Canton Hospital that was later renamed Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Oldt, President Chung and Thomson (?) at the entrance to Canton Hospital; LN647122
Medical students, 1938; LN647123
West entrance to hospital, 1931-1938; LN647124
Artist's rendition of hospital; LN525847

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