Friday, January 13, 2017

China Comes to MIT

A History of the First Chinese Students: 1877–1931

China Comes to Tech: 1877–1930
February 6, 2017 – November 30, 2017
MIT Libraries’ Maihaugen Gallery
160 Memorial Drive, Building 14N-118
Cambridge, MA 02139

Student Profiles

Yung Chung Kwong 鄺詠鐘 (Class of 1883)

King Yang Kwong 鄺景揚 (Class of 1884)

Hein Chow Kwong 鄺賢儔 (Class of 1884)

Tyng Se Chung 鄧士聰

Yau Foke Sik 薛有福

Yang Se Nam 楊兆南

Ralph Yuen Fong Sun

Chow Ming 周銘 and Ip Yuk-Leung 葉玉良

Sidney Shea Ying Chen 陳石英 (Class of 1913, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering)

Chow Hou-Kun 周厚坤  (Class of 1914, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture)

Turpin Hsi 席德柄 (Class of 1914, Sanitary Engineering)

Fucheng Seetoo 司徒傅權 (Class of 1914)

Te Chun Hsi 席德炯 (Class of 1915, Mining Engineering)

P.Y. Loo 盧炳玉 (Class of 1916, Mechanical Engineering)

Von-Fong Lam 林允方 (Class of 1916, Naval Architecture)

Wong Tsoo 王助 (Class of 1916, MS 1917)

Yu-Ching Tu 涂羽卿 (Class of 1918)

Wing Lock Wei 韋榮洛 (Class of 1918, Electrical Engineering)

Sung Sing Kwan 關頌聲 (Class of 1919, Architecture)

Y. M. Kuo 過養默

William Ding Moy 梅連枝 (Class of 1920, Course II/Mechanical Engineering)

Ming Chow 周銘

Yu-Liang Yeh (Yuk-Leung Ip) 葉玉良

Z.Z. Li 李善述 (Class of 1922, Chemical Engineering)

P.Y. Tang 唐炳源 (Class of 1923, Engineering Administration)

James Wong 王長齡 (Class of 1924, Naval Architecture)

Y.Y. Wong 黃玉瑜 (Class of 1925, Architecture)

Y.H. Ku 顧毓琇 (Class of 1925, Electrical Engineering, MS 1926, DSc, 1928)

Chu Shih-Ming (Class of 1926, Mechanical Engineering)

Walter Kwok 郭慧德 (Class of 1927, Engineering Administration)

C.K. Jen 任之恭 (Class of 1928, Electrical Engineering)

Lee Li Fu 李勵紱 (Class of 1929, Electrical Engineering)

Chick-Ho Lam 林植豪 (Class of 1931)

Po-Ting Ip 葉葆定 (Class of 1934, Civil Engineering)

Further Reading
South China Historical Trail
(in Chinese; photograph of Tunney Lee; may take 30 seconds or more to load)

(Updated February 21, 2017; next post on Friday: Chen Chi’s “Painting the Town: San Francisco”)

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