Friday, June 20, 2014

Yook Yee Wong’s / Huang Yu-yu’s Daughters Visit China


Reunion at their father’s house,
May 7, 2014, Guangzhou

Sun Yat-sen University
May 16, 2014
report on the May 8 visit

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital
May 8, 2014
report on the May 8 visit

Overseas Chinese Affairs Office
May 13, 2014
report on the May 9 visit

South China University of Technology
May 27, 2014
report on the May 16 visit

Zhongshan Daily
June 4, 2014
the sisters visited the school on May 12; according to oral family history, Yook Yee Wong was responsible for the early campus design and architecture; report investigates who designed the buildings and campus

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