Friday, April 27, 2018

Paul Fung, Keye Luke and Art Huhta in Seattle

An excerpt from cartoonist Art Huhta’s letter, dated June 1, 1974, to Ron Goulart.

…Shortly after we moved to Seattle, Wash. where i started pestering the Post-Intelligenter (Spelling?) a Hearst paper, with my cartoons. The Sunday editor finally relented and let me do a weekly 2 col. thing (For free..for experience).

I remember Paul Fung, the great chinese [sic] cartoonist was on staff. I think he later went to N.Y. and drew the old DUMB DORA strip. I was encouraged by staff artists to go to art school and learn to draw so I enrolled in night figure drawing classes at the Seattle Art Club. One of my comrades in class was Keye Luke, now famous in movies and Tv. Keye was a great talent but he always tried to make me believe that I was the greatest….

(Next post on Friday: Yook Yee Wong at Lingnan University)

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