Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Yook Yee Wong in Guangzhou (Canton), China

Lingnan University Women’s Dormitory
by Yook Yee Wong / Huang Yuyu (黄玉瑜)

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Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital
by Yook Yee Wong (Huang Yuyu)
“YYW” is in the lower right-hand corner
of the drawing
March 1935

Late 1930s

Yook Yee Wong’s residence

Residence at No. 7, Nonglin Shanglu 7 Henglu

Residence on left side of street; garage entrance on far left

Tree near garage entrance

Yellow squares painted for comparison before house was painted.

Courtyard view of house entrance

Third floor


Third floor view of courtyard entrance

Third floor view of garage

Courtyard rear wall

Courtyard front wall and garage

Historic Buildings of Guangzhou Plaque
photographed 15 July 2014

Chinese American Understanding: A Sixty-year Search
Chih Meng
China Institute in America, 1981
Chih Meng identified the people he met in Guangzhou (Canton): “...K.P. Pao (MIT) was head of the electric power plant, K. C. Liu (NYU) managed the Bank of Canton, S. C. Chen (VMI) headed the Chemical Warfare Department of Whampoa Military Academy, Y.Y. Wong (MIT) was a leading architect who had designed the new municipal hospital and the Tung Shan housing development, Y. C. Koo (Harvard) was Commissioner of Finance....”

About Yook Yee Wong

born: September 16, 1902 (K.S. 28-8-15), Chung Hing Lee, Hoi Ping District, China
died: May 1942, Baoshang, China (Japanese bombing victim)

Student, village school, China
Student, Ng Lee School, Hong Kong (Fall 1912)
Student, Ng Lee School, Oakland, California (Spring and Summer 1913)
Student, Ng Lee School, San Francisco, California (Fall 1913–Winter 1914)
Student, Pierpont School and the Josiah Quincy School, Boston, Massachusetts (Spring 1914–1917)
Student, Northwest Prepartory School (1917–1918)
Army Registrant, Camp Eustis, Virginia (1918–1919)
Employee, Coolidge & Shattuck, architects (122 Ames Street; 1919–1920)
Student, Tufts College, (1920–1921)
Employee, Coolidge & Shattuck (1921–1922)
Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1923–1925)
Draftsman, Coolidge, Shepley, Bulfinch & Abbott (1925–March 1929)

Xin Kuai Bao
August 22, 2013

Guangzhou Daily
February 26, 2014

Yook Yee Wong in The Young Companion 良友

(Updated August 22, 2015; next post,
Yook Yee Wong’s son: Allen Chin 1949, 1951–1953)


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  2. Dear Alex,

    I am John Chan from Hong Kong and preparing an exhibition regarding Dr. Sun Yat-sen. I find the photos and illustrations of the Canton Hospital in your blog is really interesting and hoping to feature them in the exhibition. Would there be any chances that we can get in the details via e-mail? Thank you.