Monday, September 9, 2013

Fred Eng, Illustrator

American Artists Group
(Lumberton, North Carolina)
November 24, 1950

The Sheyboygan Press
November 23, 1955

American Heritage
Winter 1952
“The American Christmas Card”
detail of page 52

February 9, 1946
“Hello Darling”

April 12, 1947
“White Man in the White Land”

May 6, 1950
Dutchess County, New York

August 12, 1950
Harness Racing

May 1947
“A Flower for Each Grave”

December 1946
The names of contributors were on the cover.

Illustrations for a 12-part series


January 1947
University of Texas

February 1947

March 1947

April 1947

May 1947

June 1947
University of Wisconsin

July 1947

August 1947

September 1947
University of Washington

October 1947
University of Minnesota

November 1947
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ford Times
August 1961
Recipes: The Beekman Arms

Hartford Insurance
Painting of Hayden’s Keg for advertisement;
published in Life, November 17, 1961

May 1953
“Herbs...the cook’s best friend”

August 1956
“The Johnstown Flood”

Metropolitan Life
Illustration for advertisement; published
in National Geographic, 1961

Reader’s Digest
December 1950
ten years later...

The Rhinebeck Gazette
(New York)
November 24, 1960
“Rhinebeck 10–20–40 Years Ago”

November 22, 1950

May 1957
“The Enchanted Provinces”

Sports Illustrated
June 13, 1955
page 19: map of Le Mans race course
page 47: map of Indianapolis 500
Vukovich accident

June 27, 1955
page 56: map of Amalfi Drive, Italy

October 3, 1955
page 51: map of Kanchenjunga
mountain climbing route

May 21, 1956
page 31: map of storm in the Pacific Ocean
page 75: diagram of camera set-up for fishing

June 18, 1956 
page 30: map of Pennsylvania

July 2, 1956 
page 51: drawing of Bermuda Race Chart
page 67: drawing of Jersey City
Roosevelt baseball stadium

October 22, 1956
page 43: four flyway forecast maps
of ducks and geese

January 20, 1958 
page 40: map of sailing race course
from San Diego to Acapulco

June 2, 1958
page 8: illustration of suitcase with stickers

June 23, 1958
page 68: map of Cataract Canyon, Utah

August 18, 1958 
page 44: map of Andes, South America

November 10, 1958
page 47: map of Hawaiian islands

December 15, 1958
page 4: spot art of wrapped gift boxes

The 31st Annual of Advertising, Editorial,
Television Art & Design
page 168: 166
Artist: Fred Eng
Art Director: Harlow Rockwell
Agency: Young & Rubicam, Inc.

The 35th Annual of Advertising, Editorial,
Television Art & Design
page 243: 156
Art Director: Mordecai Reese Craig
Artist: Fred Eng
Agency: Pharmaceutical Advertising Associates, Inc.
Advertiser: The Purdue Frederick Co.

Time, 1962
page 73: map of Brazil’s major products

Energy and Power
Golden Press, 1962
Illustrated by Weimer Pursell and Fred Eng

The Rhinebeck Gazette
(New York)
May 24, 1954

(Tomorrow: Fred Eng, Photographer)


  1. Hello,
    Thank you for this archive of work, I am Fred Engs grandson and it is so amazing to view his art. I would like to know where I could find the original hi-res scans/photos of his work.

  2. You can copy the images from the blog. Fur the best image, try to find the magazines and books.

  3. Hello Alex, I'm doing a bit of research on Fred and his time at Patterson & Hall, a San Francisco art studio. P&H did many Stanford football covers going back to the 20's. The style on the football covers you feature match some Stanford covers from that time. You even have one listed (1947) with not image. So my question is how to you attribute the Stanford covers to Fred? I have copies but there is no signature. Thanks Bruce

  4. Hi Bruce, I believe Fred illustrated all of the universities for Esquire magazine in 1947. He was credited in the magazine on the table of contents. I found some of the images. For some issues I did not know the name of the school so there is a question mark. I'd like to see the Stanford covers you mentioned. Best, Alex

    1. Hi Alex, Fred worked for Patterson & Hall in SF up until the early 40's when he was drafted. P&H started doing Stanford covers starting in the 20's through the 60's. When I saw your post with the football covers it was obvious to me that Fred painted them. Perhaps P&H hired him on a freelance basis to do these covers as at that time he was in NY. I don't include these in our history as I couldn't verify they were P&H, but given the connections I feel confident they they are Fred's work. I'll follow this post with a link to those images but here is a link to the other Stanford covers we did. One on our corporate site and more on my commercial illustration site. &

  5. Opps, ignore Century 21 Bundesen name as I was logged into my clients account at the time. This is P&H Creative Group. Here's a link to the cover:

  6. Thanks for the link. By the way, the illustrations for Esquire were inside the magazine, not the covers. Also, some artists and writers were credited on the cover too. Fred's name pops up every now and then.