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Kim Loo Sisters, 1944

January 1, 1944
Kim Loo Sisters (Albee) Cincinnati, t; (Michigan) Detroit 31–Jan. 6. t.

January 8, 1944
Kim Loo Sisters (Michigan) Detroit, t.

Rochester Times-Union
(New York)
February 3, 1944
Temple Brings Hutton Band
Opening tomorrow on the stage of the RKO Temple Theater is Ina Rae Hutton, known as the “Queen of the Name Bands,” and Grace McDonald, star of stage musical comedies and Universal Pictures.

Grace McDonald, who is making a short tour after completing “Gung-Ho,” has starred in several musical comedies on Broadway, doing a song and dance act which took her to pictures.

Featured with Ina Rae will be the Kim Loo Sisters who proved a sensation with Miss Hutton at the Astor Hotel in New York City, also Stuart Foster and Roger Eleck.

The screen feature for the three days will be “Million Dollar Kid,“ starring the “Dead End Kids.”

Rochester Times-Union
(New York)
February 5, 1944

Springfield Republican
February 17, 1944
Kim Loo Sisters Head Court Square Variety
The Kim Loo sisters, featured in one of George White’s “Scandals” sand lately with Ina Ray Hutton and her band, are among the headliners of Court Square’s vaudeville today through Saturday. The Four franks, coming directly from Boston’s RKO theater, present a variety comedy number; the Will Mastin trio satr Sammy Davis, “Little Sunshine” of Our Gang Comedies; Lew Fitzgibbons is a xylophonist and Fantinos are whirlwind acrobats. Gene Doyle, comedian, is master of ceremonies.

On the screen is the comedy, “So’s Your Uncle,” with Billie Burke, Donald Woods, Eyise Knox and the Rhythm boys.

Springfield Republican
February 18, 1944
Kim Loo Sisters, Sammy Davis, Star on Court Square Stage
Top places on the lively Court Square stage show this week are taken by those Chinese charmers, the Kim Loo Sisters, and the Will Mastin trio, starring “Sunshine,” of “Our Gang” fame, now grown up, Sammy Davis, soot-suit exponent and jive king.

The talented Chinese misses obviously please when they sing such tunes as “Victory Polka” and “Take It Easy.” Smooth warblers, if ever there were any, are these easy-to-look-at girls. Recently with Ina Ray Hutton and Hellzapoppin’, they are tops….

Miami Herald
March 5, 1944
Olympia vaudeville, Wednesday, will be headlined by Jane Pickens, singing star of radio and stage, and one of the famous Pickens sisters. Other acts are: The Amazing Mr. Ballantine, comical magician; the Three Kim Loo Sisters, Chinese singers; Jed Dooley and Audrey Evans, comedy team, and the Margaret Faber dancers. The screen attraction will be “The Miracle of Morgan Creek.”

Miami Herald
March 8, 1944
Opening Today
Olympia vaudeville features Jane Pickens, radio and stage singing star, and one of the famous Pickens Sisters, as the headline attraction of the five-set bill which also includes the Three Kim Loo Sisters, Chinese singers; the “Amazing Mr. Ballantine,” who satirizes magic; Jed Dooley and Audrey Evans, comedy team, and the Margaret Faber dancers.

Miami Herald
March 9, 1944
On with the Show
Olympia Theater Vaudeville Hits New High
The feast is on again at the Olympia, which this week comes up with a five act bill that is outstanding from start to finish.

…Nor will you run across many more appealing stage personalities than the three Kim Loo Sisters, a trio of Chinese harmony singers, whose voices form a perfect blend with their makeup and Oriental beauty….

Miami Herald
March 14, 1944
Ina Ray Hutton Brings Swing Band into Frolic Club Tonight
Ina Ray Hutton swings into the Frolic Danceland tonight with a crew of 14 male bandsmen and the singing Kim Loo Sisters as an added attraction.

…The Kim Loo sisters, who sing with her band, were a distinct hit at the Olympia last week. These girls are American-born Chinese, and sisters. Their first names are Alice, Margaret and Patricia. They dress pretty much alike, fix their hair alike; but they are not triplets.

Miami Herald
March 16, 1944

March 18, 1944
Olympia, Miami
(Reviewed Wednesday Afternoon, March 8)
One of the best shows of the winter, The acts run smoothly, even without an ember for a change.

Margarget Faber Fancers open with an Hawaiian number. Six femmes in handsome costumes are well liked.

Kim Loo Sisters, Chinese trio with excellent voices, harmonize swell. Opening with Victory Polka, followed with Take It Easy and close with Mairzy Doats. A big hand….

Miami Herald
April 1, 1944

(New Orleans, Louisiana)
April 14, 1944

Girl Band Leader Returns for Show
Ina Ray Hutton, leading feminine band leader of the day, will begin a return engagement at the St. Charles theater today, presenting her own all-new stage show which features the Kim Loo Sisters and Stuart Foster….

(New Orleans, Louisiana)
April 15, 1944
Screen in Review
Ina Ray Hutton, queen of the name bands, and her all-male orchestra with a top-notch revue opened Friday at the St. Charles theater. She was back in New orleans by popular demand, and it is easy to see why because the show is the best yet at the St. Charles.

…The Kim Loo Sisters, three streamlined Chinese girls with an Americanized glitter, pleased the audience with their peppy singing, gay smiles and melodious harmony….

May 13, 1944
Orpheum, Los Angeles
(Reviewed Tuesday Afternoon, May 3)
Ina Ray Hutton and her orchestra headline, with Christine Forsyth, Avme Hartman, the Kim Loo Sisters and Ollle O’Toole augmenting….

…Kim Loo sisters, singing against a blast of brass, offer Victory Polka and Take It Easy. Harmony is good. Mairzy Doats is the encore, but it would have been more show manly to have had something later in the Alley’s catalog….

May 20, 1944
L.A. Orph Hits 21G
Los Angeles, May 13.—Picking up good business over the week-end, On a Ray Hutton and orchestra, headlong a show at the Orpheum here, grossed a neat $21,000. On the bill with Miss Hutton and her crew were the Kim Loo Sisters, who shared marquee billing; Christine Forsyth, Arnie Hartman and Ollie O’Toole. Pic, Detective Kitty O’Day. House seats 2,200 and charges 75 cents tops.

San Francisco Chronicle
May 31, 1944
Hutton’s Band Opens Gate Today
Oma Ray Hutton, rhythmic “Queen of the Name Bands,” brings her new orchestra to headline the stage bill starting at the Golden Gate today.

Featured entertainers are Stuart Foster, vocalist; The Six Willys (family of jugglers); Comedian Joe De Rita, assisted by Parker Gee and Jane Ellison; and the Kim Loo Sisters, Chinese songsters….

San Francisco Chronicle
June 1, 1944
Willys Win Gate Plaudits with Juggling Precision
The Willys had it at the Golden Gate stage show yesterday, had speed, precision and flash. For the Willys are a juggling family, the fourth generation of the craft, and the grace and intricacy of the family calling is evident in their performance….

…Kim Loo Sisters, three Chinese girls in silvery frocks, harmonized “Victory Polka” and “Jeep Jump.”…

June 3, 1944
Coast Songsters Busy with Pix
…Joan Whitney, Alex Kramer, and Mack David have turned out a successor to it’s Love, Love, Love, which was purchased by Columbia for Stars on Parade. New tune is called Come To Me My Honey and will be warbled by Bob Crosby in Meet Miss Bobby Socks. Other numbers from the film are Two Heavens, I’m Not Afraid, Come Rain, Come Shine, A Fellow on a Furlough and Idolizing. Kim Loo Sisters will warble Take It Easy in the same film….

San Francisco Chronicle
June 4, 1944
Ladies of Washington
(At the Golden Gate Theater; produced by Girard)
…Stage show: Ina Ray Hutton and her orchestra; Six Willys, juggler; Joe de Rita, comedia; Stuart Foster, vocalist, and the Kim Loo Sisters, singers.

June 17, 1944
21G at Golden Gate, S.F.
San Francisco, June 10.—Golden Gate’s gross for week ended Tuesday, June 6, was around $21,000. On the stage bill were Ina Ray Hutton and her orchestra, Marlon Daniels, Kim Loo Sisters, Joe De Rita and company and the Six Willys. Pic, Ladies of Washington.

(Omaha, Nebraska)
June 28, 1944

(Omaha, Nebraska)
July 1, 1944
Subdued Hutton Leads Loud Band
More visually attractive than ever in a sort of a new subdued technique, Ina Ray Hutton is leading a male band at the Orpheum—but a loud one….

…The show includes Tyler, Rinaud and Arden, comics, the three Kim Loo sisters, Jim Penman, the chattering juggler, and Stuart Foster, who does the vocals….

Fort Worth Star-Telegram
July 19, 1944

Fort Worth Star-Telegram
July 21, 1944

Dallas Morning News
July 26, 1944

Dallas Morning News
July 27, 1944

Dallas Morning News
July 30, 1944

Evansville Press
August 8, 1944
Kim Loo Sisters Coming Back Here with Ina Ray Hutton
Ina Ray Hutton and her all-male band, which played a click engagement at the Grand last season, has been booked to show here Tuesday, Aug. 22. 

There’ll be a single show at the Coliseum at 7 o,m, sponsored by Lorin Kiely, followed by a dance at 9:45 p.m. in Colonial Gardens.

There are 20 people in the show, including Stuart Foster, a popular singer here, and the Kim Loo Sisters, three attractive Chinese girls who were active here last year on behalf of the USO.

September? October? 1944
Meet Miss Bobby Socks
Columbia—Voice Worship
Our vast numbers of bobby socks contemporaries who worship at the shrine of a “Voice” will find a candid reflection of themselves in this Columbia musical comedy.

…The picture virtually throbs with songs, among them “I’m Not Afraid of Love,” and “Come With Me, My Honey,” rendered by Crosby. There are also numbers by a Chinese trio, the Kim Loo Sisters, and Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five. Glenn Tryon directed, with stress on jive, and Ted Richmond produced. 

Seen at the Fox theatre in Brooklyn, where a weekday matinee audience greeted it with chuckles. Reviewer’s Rating: Fair. — Mandel Herbstman….

Columbus Dispatch
October 20, 1944
Accent on Youth in New Pictures at the Broad
The accent is most definitely on youth in both of the features which opened at the Broad Thursday and while patron may be confused in their future thinking as to who was who in which the sum total will have left an altogether pleasing taste in their visual and auditory memories….

…The temptation was to add Bob Crosby and the Kim Loo sisters onto that list but they didn’t appear until the companion feature “Meet Miss Bobby Socks” got underway….

Evansville Press
October 26, 1944
Aces, Comedy, Singing Trio, Get Big Hand in Grand Stage Show
The Grand’s current stage show, which opened yesterday for a week, builds toward a rousing finish that leaves the audience with a taste for more….

…The Kim Loo Sisters, Chinese vocal trio, which has appeared here in persons, and Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five, which has appeared here several times, are top musical accessories.

Rockland County Journal-News
(Nyack, New York)
August 19, 1963
Local Jazz Drummer Beats Way to Dance Bands of Big Time
Buddy Christian profile
…Christian moved on in the jazz band world to play with Teddy Powell for a year and then he went with Ina Ray Hutton. Lenny Goldstein was also with this same orchestra for a while.

Some Wedding This

It was while with Ina Ray and in Evansville. Illinois, that Buddy married Norma Rubin, who had come all the way from Brooklyn for the wedding. The Kim Loo Sisters, a song trio with the band, stood up with them at the wedding and then, as soon as the “I do’s” were pronounced, Buddy and the Kim Loo Sisters had to take off to make the evening show.

Schenectady Gazette
(New York)
October 28, 1944

Brooklyn Eagle
(New York)
November 9, 1944
Fox Celebrates 10th Anniversary
Tomorrow the Fox Theater, will celebrate its 10th anniversary under the management of 8. H. Fabian.

An event for which Mr. Fabian has booked a double bill of unusual merit. Headlining the anniversary show will be “Double Indemnity,” starring Edward G Robinson, Barbara Stanwyck and Fred MacMurray. Sharing honors will be the first New York showing of “Meet Miss Bobby Socks.” featuring Bob Crosby, Lynn Merrick, Louise Erickson, Robert White, Kim Loo Sisters and Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five….

Brooklyn Eagle
(New York)
November 11, 1944
Columbia’s “Meet Miss Bobby Socks” is the co-feature at the Fox, starring Bob Crosby, as a crooner who returns from the wars and looks up the girls who has been writing him and promising him a job in a radio station, and Louise Erickson, young newcomer. Crosby’s pen pal turns out to be a Miss Bobby Socks, aged 16, and how she goes about trying to get him a job, and the hilarious results form the basis of the film story.

“Meet Miss Bobby Socks” is jumpin’ with jive. There are seven songs, five of them warbled by Crosby, including “I’m Not Afraid of Love,” “A Fellow on a Furlough” and “Come With Me, My Honey.” A couple go to the Kim Loo Sisters, Chinese singers; and to Louis Jordan
and his Tympany Five.

The doings in this picture will find, favor with bobby sox contemporaries, because the music in “Meet Miss Bobby Socks” is hot and sweet. If it doesn’t send YOU, it’s not the fault of the players in this film, who try very hard.

November 15, 1944
Meet Miss Bobby Socks
Kim Loo Sisters in movie cast

Bellingham Herald
December 10, 1944

(Omaha, Nebraska)
December 16, 1944
Holiday Inn Is Worthy Repeat
Second feature at the Orpheum is a first-run musical called “Meet Miss Bobby Socks,” and in it Bob Crosby the singing maestro does his level best vocally and is aided by the Kim Loo Sisters, Louis Jordan and his tympani five…

Buffalo Courier-Express
(New York)
December 24, 1944
The New Movie Offerings
Meet Miss Bobby Socks, a musical comedy, reflects those gals who kneel at the shrine of a “voice.” In this instance, it’s Bob Crosby’s, with Louise Erickson typifying the worshippers. Bob, as a war veteran back in civilian life, is looking for a radio spot. Louise, as a smitten fan, launches a publicity drive, with the help of friends. So the crooner gets a contract.

However, there’s a hitch, due to misunderstanding, and that makes for a little drama. Of course everything eventually is smoothed. Crosby sings, as do the Kim Loo Sisters, and Louis Jordan's Tympany Five play.

Evening Post
(Charleston, South Carolina)
December 30, 1944

Rockford Register-Republic
December 30, 1944
“I Love a Soldier” on Times Double Bill
“Meet Miss Bobby Socks” is the gay story of the younger generation and its jive doings. Bob Crosby, Lynn Merrick, Sally Bliss and the Kim Loo Sisters are featured.

Charleston News and Courier
(South Carolina)
December 31, 1944

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