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Kim Loo Sisters, 1942

Brooklyn Eagle
(New York)
January 22, 1942

Brooklyn Eagle
(New York)
January 23, 1942
Hollywood Sweater Girls Headline at Flatbush
Peter Lind Hayes, heading the Hollywood Sweater Girl Revue, arrives at the Flatbush this week….

…Tommy Reynolds and his band furnish the musical background to this week’s variety bill. Another band which is popular with the juke box hounds. Tommy features his hot clarinet and little Mary Ann McCall, vocally hot on her own account. The Kim Loo Sisters swing harmoniously and Evelyn Farnay presents some intricate tap routines….

Feature Films Showing Today
Flatbush, Church and Flatbush Aves….Hollywood Sweater Girl Revue Featuring Iris Adrian, Linda Ware, Mary Healy and Peter Lind Hayes; Tommy Reynolds and Orchestra, Evelyn Farney, Three Kim Loo Sisters, Stuart and Taylor

Brooklyn Eagle
(New York)
January 24, 1942
Feature Films Showing Today
Flatbush, Church and Flatbush Aves….Hollywood Sweater Girl Revue Featuring Iris Adrian, Linda Ware, Mary Healy and Peter Lind Hayes; Tommy Reynolds and Orchestra, Evelyn Farney, Three Kim Loo Sisters, Stuart and Taylor

New York Post
January 26, 1942
Blackstone the Magician at the Flatbush Theatre
The magician, Blackstone, and a company of thirty headline the stage show beginning tomorrow at the Flatbush Theatre, Brooklyn, for one week. Also on the bill is Sonny Dunham’s orchestra.

The Hollywood Sweater Girl Revue, featuring Iris Adrian, Linda Ware, Mary Healy and Peter Lind Hayes, plays the stage show at the Windsor Theatre, The Bronx, for three days starting Friday. Tommy Reynolds’ orchestra, Evelyn Farney, the Kim Loo Sisters, Stuart and Taylor are on the same bill.

New York Sun
January 28, 1942
Windsor Theater, Bronx.
The Hollywood Sweater Girl Revue, featuring Iris Adrian, Linda Ware, Mary Healy and Peter Lind Hayes, headlines the stage show at the Windsor Theater for three days starting Friday. Tommy Reynolds and his orchestra, Evelyn Farney, three Kim Loo sisters, Stuart and Taylor are also on the bill.

New York Post
January 31, 1942

February 21, 1942
Glenn Rendezvous
Newport, Ky.
…The Kim Loo Sisters, Chinese harmony trio, open with Let Me Off Uptown; follow with a novelty, Pity Poor Ming Toy, and wind up with You Ain’t Nowhere. Girls have good appearance and went well, despite their stock delivery and unexciting personality. Forsook an encore.

Elmira Star-Gazette
(New York)
February 24, 1942
The Voice of Broadway
Margaret Kim Loo, one-third of the Kim Loo Sisters, and Justin Gilbert, the columnist, will recite their “I do’s” this week.

Evening Star
(Washington, DC)
March 7, 1942
‘Louisiana Purchase’ Is Photo of Original
…The length of the picture, you might suppose, had something to do with the length of the stage show, but so far as the rundown of the latter, you never would know. Its major performers are the Kim sisters, who lend atmosphere; Jean, Jack and Judy, who offer comedy, and Mario and Floria, after whom come the 6 Willys in a variety act which eminently is worthy of the billing it receives.

Miami Herald
March 11, 1942
Nite and Day
Justin Gilbert, The Bergen Evening Record Columnyer of N.J., just wed Margaret Kim Loo of the Chinese-Polish Kim Loo sisters of “White’s Scandal” fame and he dons a uniform this week.

The Billboard
March 14, 1942
Vaudeville Notes
Margaret Kim Loo married Justin Gilbert, newspaperman, February 28 in New York and is continuing in the Kim Loo Sisters’ act.

Earle, Washington
(Reviewed Friday Evening, March 6)
Earle stage, supporting Louisiana Purchase film, plays this and next week. Production revue held together by Tschaikowsky’s Piano Concerto, opens with Kim Loo Sisters, Chinese trio singing popular novelties. Girls do straight and satisfactory job.

April 1, 1942
Hipp, Balto
With ‘Citizen Kane’ holding over along with Jackie Miles in the emcee slot, layout here remains brief….

…Jean, Jack and Judy, two girls and a boy, punch out some tricky tumbling an acro stuff, providing a swift opener. Kim Loo Sisters, trio of Chinese swing singers, look well and sell elaborate jive arrangements. Girls are a decided novelty and have good presence. More familiar tunes or a pop or two would help for better results. Audience liked their stuff when caught.

Motion Picture Daily
April 13, 1942
Snow, Pre-Easter Hurt in Baltimore
“Citizen Kane” (RKO)
Hippodrome—(2,205) (15c-28c-39c-44c-55c-66c) 7 days. Stage show featuring Jackie Miles, Kim Loo Sisters, The Shyrettos and others. Gross: $12,000. (Average, $14,000)

Columbia Record
(South Carolina)
May 18, 1942
New USO Show Booked at Fort
Summertime Extravaganza Begins Four-Day Run Wednesday
Bedlam from Broadway will blitz Fort Jackson soldiers Wednesday night, when “Crazy Show,” first big USO summertime musical extravaganza, will open a four-day run.

Featuring Milt Britton, America’s “clown” prince of swing, and his band, “the craziest in the land,” this hilarious musical show will be given at performances in post theater No. 2 May 27 and 28, and at theater No. 3 May 29 and 30. Each night will see seven and nine o’clock performances held exclusively for Fort Jackson soldiers.

Apart from Milt Britton and his boys, the backbone of this slapstick musical farce includes 23 other stars of radio, stage and screen.

…Included in these varied scenes will be the Kim Loo sisters, American-born Chinese songstresses. Ross and Pierre, comic impersonators who will offer take-offs on everything from Henry Busse’s famous trumpet to Barnacle Bill the Sailor; the Honey Family, talented dancing acrobatics. Anita Lane, nightclub performer and a host of other leading-lights straight from Broadway’s Great White Way.

Columbia Record
(South Carolina)
May 25, 1942
‘Crazy Show’ to Open at Fort
USO Attraction to Run for Four Days at Army Post
As the opening gun in the USO’s big new program of summer camp shows, “Crazy Show,” the most hilarious swing-farce yet to come to this post, will open a four-day run Wednesday night.

…Additional acts will include the Kim Loo sisters, American-born Chinese songstresses…

“Crazy Show,” produced and directed by USO Camp Shows, Inc., is one of 15 musical extravaganzas now being offered to the nation’s men in uniform.

Charleston Evening Post
(South Carolina)
May 26, 1942
USO Show Unit to Perform Here
Ninety minuets of variety entertainment, featuring “America’s Craziest Orchestra,” will be seen Monday, June 1, as Charleston Navy Yard welcomes another USO-camp Shows unit.

The production is to be staged on the out-of-door facilities which the yard maintains near the movie auditorium.

…The Kim Loo sisters, American-born Chinese swing singers, provide an Oriental note foe the show. They’ve developed a distinctive style which sets them apart from many other songsters….

Charleston News and Courier
(South Carolina)
May 26, 1942
[illegible] Navy Yard
Milt Britton and his orchestra will headline the USO-Camp show program scheduled for an outdoor appearance at the Charleston navy yard next Monday night.

The production, featuring a cast of thirty people, will be presented on a plot near the yard movie auditorium. Also featured will be the Kim Loo sisters, American-born Oriental swing singers; the Six Honeys, three men and three girls, billed as tap dancing and specialists; Frank Ross, mimic; Anita Pierre, impersonator and songstress, and Anita Lane, acrobatic tap dancer.

Augusta Chronicle
June 6, 194
USO-Camp Shoe Coming to Garden
Crazy Show, another smash hit on USO-Camp Show’s big summertime schedule for the armed forces, opens at 7 p.m. Wednesday for two days at Theatre No. 3, Camp Gordon.

…The three charming Kim Loo Sisters, Patricia, Margaret and Alice, American-born Chinese girls who have won wide acclaim with their fine swing arrangements of hit tunes new and old, have a featured spot in “Crazy Show.”

Daily Herald
(Biloxi, Mississippi)
July 2, 1942
Capacity Crowds See USO-Camp Show
The UCO-Camps Shows, Inc., “Crazy Show”, played to capacity soldier audiences in two performances on the field Tuesday night. Milt Britton and his musical madmen were in their usual comic form along with good popular music. Individual features included the Kim Loo sisters, sweet swing singers; Tom Rafferty, dancer; Ross and Pierre, comedians; Ted Lester, novelty musician; the Honey Family, gifted acrobatic and dance group; and Tido, comedia accordionist. The show visited the Station Hospital and gave two additional performances in Theater No. 1 at 8:30 and 10:30 p.m. Wednesday.

The American Weekly
July 12, 1942
Broadway Breaks Even on Oriental Beauty
…Prominent in night life are dancers Ann Jung, Jade Ling, the Kim Loo sisters, Kimi toy and Florence Thom, singers Beatrice Fong, Oye Moore and Hu Shee, aviatrix Li Ah Ching, fashion designer Tsing Tsang, burlesque star Amy Fong….

Fort Worth Star-Telegram
July 30, 1942
Carole Landis Is Spending Her Vacation from Studio Visiting Texas Army Camps
…Miss Landis will tour with the USO-Camp Show titles “Crazy Show,” which has been out on the road for several weeks doing army camps with Mitt Britton and his comic orchestra. Also in the show are the three Kim Loo Sisters, American-born Chinese girls who of modern swing vocal numbers….

August 22, 1942
Build Up Act, Cafe, Ice Show Dep’ts; Add Personnel; Eye LA
New York, Aug. 18.—Frederick Brothers’ Music Corporation, which started in Kansas City 10 years ago as a band agency, is now handling 100 musical outfits and has added theater, night club, cocktail unit and ice show departments, besides expanding its personnel rapidly. It enters the fall with a national organization servicing a variety of talent fields. L. A. Frederick is president of FBMC and also of the new corporation, Frederick Brothers’ Artists’ Corporation, with Bill Frederick secretary-treasurer of both outfits and also in charge of New York operation.

The office is now handling Bonnie Baker, whom Bill Frederick originally placed with Orrin Tucker; Judy Starr, who has secured a release from the William Morris Agency; Lyttle Sisters, just sold to Hal Mclntyre band; Lew Parker, Condos Brothers, Bob Evans, Ross Sisters, Kim Loo Sisters, Peter Higgins and George Rogers Dancers….

Daily Northwestern
(Evanston, Illinois)
October 1, 1942
The Man Out Front
A glorified collection of all the gags known to the stage plus many original laugh-gatherers—that is Hellzapoppin, 1943. It is this year’s style because many of last year’s gags are dressed in new clothes….

…The Kim Loo Sisters, whom you have probably seen on the Chicago theatre stage, are a very good close-harmony trio, but they and the chorus of unusually beautiful girls and a few men (show business is also showing the effects of the draft) would be much better without the acrobatics of Joan Baker. The sets are poor, which may be intentional, but the many colorful costumes and above average dance routines compensate for that….

October 10, 1942
“New 1943 Hellzapoppin”
(Nixon Theater)
…Jean Baker’s acros, the Kim Loo Sisters harmonizing, the Biltmorettes unison dancing and Mary McNamee’s pert patter likewise are neat and fit the O-J formula.

Milwaukee Journal
October 11, 1942

Daily Northwestern
(Evanston, Illinois)
October 14, 1942
Green Room
At the Erlanger
Among those appearing, the program at hand gives note to Lew Parker, Jackie Gleason, the Kim Loo sisters, Mary McNamee, the Radio Rogues, Barto and Mann, Billy Adams, Harry Reso, Theo. Hardeen, Charles Withers and Dippy Diers….

Milwaukee Journal
October 18, 1942

Milwaukee Journal
October 19, 1942
Hell, of Course, Is Still Poppin’
“Hellzapoppin,” that apparently deathless extravaganza which may best be described as the lifework of Olsen and Johnson has returned to the Davison to stay the week, provided only that the roof is not blown off or the customers’ seats rocked from their hinges.

The merry whamdoodle put in Sunday night and was welcomed by a sold out house. It was not apparent to all of the spectators just why the explosion was billed as the “new Hellzapoppin,” since many of the most productive stunts were in the original opus, but the point is immaterial. The essential truth is that the people out in front made almost as much noise with their laughter as the comedians did with their guns—and that, you may be assured, means plenty of noise.

…No reporter on such an assignment should be expected to remember all that takes place, but firm is the recollection that abetting the Messrs. Parker and Gleason are all sorts of talented people out of vaudeville. There are for example, three Chinese girls who call themselves the Kim Loo sisters and sing in close harmony….

Mount Olive Herald
October 23, 1942
“New 1943 Hellzapoppin” Due in St. Louis Oct. 26
St. Louis will see for the first time the “New 1943 Hellzapoppin” when it opens a week’s run at the American Theatre, St. Louis, Monday night, October 26th. Billed as Olsen and Johnson’s latest and craziest screamlined revue, the production comes with more emphasis on scenic dressing and color than earlier Hellzapoppins. But for all its decor, the course of the whole performance veers laughward. With such dyed-in-the-wool comics as Lew Parker and Jackie Gleason as the ringleaders, a torrent of fun spills over the footlights into the audience, and laughs are likely to occur anywhere in the aisles, in the boxes, in the orchestra or even the lobby. The new 1943 edition promises the widest and largest assortment of props and crazy effects yet assembled in any “Hellzapoppin.” Firecrackers, pistols and farmyard animals are all happily intermingled with uproarious bits and beautiful girls.

An all new cast and Broadway production is assured. Songs, dances, costumes and settings will be all new, topped by a million count ’em laughs. Besides Lew Parker and Jackie Gleason, principals include Barto and Mann, 3 Radio Rogues, Charles Withers and his Opery House, Theo. Hardeen, Kim Loo Sisters, Steve and J. C Olsen, Harry Reso, The Biltmorettes, Ben Yost, S. Bobby Barry, Stormy Bergh, Happy Moore, Syd Gibson and a whirl of stooges, together with a stunning all-out chorus….

Cleveland Plain Dealer
October 25, 1942

Cleveland Plain Dealer
November 1, 1942
“Hellzapoppin” Suggests You Never Know What Will Succeed on Stage

Cleveland Plain Dealer
November 3, 1942
New “Hellzapoppin” Is as Mad as Old and Offers a Good Deal to Laugh at

Lexington Leader
November 13, 1942
Little Old N.Y. By Ed Sullivan
Men and Maids, and Stuff
The Justin Gilberts (Margaret Kim Loo) are readying a bulletin.

Detroit Times
November 29, 1942

Detroit Times
December 1, 1942
Night Club News
The Kim Loo Sisters, three pretty Chinese girls who specialize in harmony arrangements, opened last night as the stars of Lowell Bernhardt’s new revue at Club Casanova.

The American-born singers, who have distinguished themselves in George White’s “Scandals” and “Hellzapoppin,” display special enthusiasm for rhythm arrangements. Their style of delivery on these tunes remind of the singing Andrew Sisters, especially when they gave out with gestures while singing “He’s 1-A in the Army, but He’s A-1 in My Heart.” We liked best their subdued, slow arrangement of Can’t Get Out of the Mood.”…

Detroit Times
December 2, 1942

Detroit Times
December 4, 1942

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