Friday, August 21, 2015

Yook Yee Wong and the American Institute of Architects

Yook Yee Wong / Huang Yuyu (黄玉瑜) was a Junior member of the American Institute of Architects, which published membership lists in The Annuary. The following pages from The Annuary, 1926 to 1930, were provided by The American Institute of Architects Archives. Special thanks to Nancy Hadley, Assoc. AIA, CA, DAS, and Senior Manager, Archives and Records.
Juniors of The American Institute of Architects
There shall be a class of Juniors whose affiliation with the Institute shall be in accordance with the following provisions of this Article. No other provision of this Constitution and By-laws shall have any application to Juniors except as herein expressly provided.

Any graduate in architecture of a school recognized by the Institute, or any special student in such a school who shall have spent at least two years there, and is recommended by the head of the school, is eligible as a Junior, provided application is made within two years of graduation or completion of his special course.

The Junior affiliation shall expire automatically when the Junior is elected to Chapter associateship, or Institute membership, or when he reaches age of thirty.—By-laws, Art. III, Section 1.

Y.Y. Wong: An Overseas Chinese Architect
Guangdong Overseas Chinese Museum
Guangzhou, China
September 2–15, 2015
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