Thursday, October 24, 2013

Paul Fung’s Sheet Music Covers

Dear Old Home
Melody Shop, 1920

Siren of the Southern Sea
Melody Shop, 1920

Toy San
Marcello Music, 1920

Melody Shop, 1921

Kentucky Home
Jerome H. Remick, 1921

Melancholy Moon
Melody Shop, 1921

Melody Shop, 1921

Melody Shop, 1921

With All My Heart
Melody Shop, 1921

Someday Sweetheart
Melody Shop, 1922

Seattle Town
Melody Shop, 1923

(Updated September 11, 2017; tomorrow: Paul Fung in the American Art Annual

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  1. Although a lot of people started doing covers of songs the over of Shawn Mendes will remain one of my favorites!