Friday, October 18, 2013

Paul Fung in the Oregonian

(Portland, Oregon)
May 21, 1911
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June 8, 1913

January 19, 1914

January 25, 1914

June 18, 1914


  1. Extremely interesting. I would love to know more about the end of his career (and life) in the forties. I have quite a few of his advertising strips on my blog, but I am still not sure if his son molded his own career or if he started with hs dad. Did they live at he same adress? You are so good at this, maybe you can help me with Jack Betts as well? His daughter told me some orivate stuff about his last years which I would love to see confirmed.

  2. Thanks, Ger. I'm still gathering material on Fung's later life. By the way, I was the person who asked you, on your blog, about the Jack Betts info you had from his daughter. You can reach me at apaontv at