Friday, July 14, 2017

Anna May Wong in Photoplay

December 1921
page 61: Bits of Life
The next story is a fine Chinese tale in which Lon Chaney and the beautiful little Oriental, Anna May Wong, perform.

August 1923
page 78: Anna May Wong continues to represent China effectively.

October 1923
Anna May Wong photograph from The Thief of Bagdad.

November 1923
Anna May Wong cast in Drifting.

August 1927
page 24: photograph (below)
page 54: Mr. WuAnna May Wong (not pictured) had a small role in the film
page 143: Mr. Wu cast

September 1927
page 144: Old San Francisco cast

October 1927
page 84: She Didn’t Know Her Chop Suey

October 1931
page 78: Anna May Wong and sister Mary

December 1931
page 13: baby photograph (below)
page 63: photograph (below)

July 1932
page 12: Shanghai Express

August 1932
page 14: Shanghai Express
page 110: Los Angeles Chinatown children
page 124: 5 Years Ago
The girl on the cover was Olive Borden and the gallery included…Anna May Wong.

September 1932
page 113: Shanghai Express

October 1932
page 119: Shanghai Express

July 1933
page 8: The Audience Talks Back
Anna May Wong
At Best: Buddha winking
At Worst: Sandalwood incense in Woolworth’s

August 1933
page 98: A Study in Scarlet
page 113: A Study in Scarlet cast

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