Monday, December 7, 2015

Exhibitors Herald-World, January–March 1929

January 5, 1929
Page 28, column 1: James Wong Howe (above)

January 26, 1929
Page 40, column 3: Joe Wong

January 26, 1929
Page 24, top right photograph: Bo Ling in
Let’s Make Whoopee (above)

February 9, 1929
Page 60, column 1: Joe Wong

February 16, 1929
Page 30, top left photograph: Anna May Wong (above)

February 23, 1929
Page 31, top left photograph: Chinese women twins in Twin Revue which was retitled Climbing the Golden Stairs

March 2, 1929
Page 38, column 1: Anna May Wong in Piccadilly

March 23, 1929
Page 25, column 1: Anna May Wong in Piccadilly

March 30, 1929
Page 39, column 1: Anna May Wong in Piccadilly

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