Monday, January 13, 2014

The Art of Chu F. Hing, Part 1

Chu F. Hing was an artist who worked in the comic book
industry during the 1940s and early 1950s.


#1, Summer 1946
“What in the Future World”


New Heroic Comics
#41, March 1947
“The Slowest Flight in History”


#6, 1949
“Truth Not Fancy: Pony Express”

“Truth Not Fancy: Will Rogers a Great American”

#7, 1949
“Truth Not Fancy: Cortez Brought Horses to America”

The Saint
#5, 1949
Choose Your Weapon

Truth Not Fancy: Greek-fire to Flame-thrower
Truth Not Fancy: Gunpowder to A-Bomb

#1, 1951
“Truth Not Fancy: Pony Express”

#1, August 1951
“Truth Not Fancy: Greek Fire to Flame-Thrower”

U.S. Tank Commandos
#1, June 1952
“Truth, Not Fancy: Pony Express”
“Truth, Not Fancy: Will Rogers a Great American”

#15, October 1953
“Truth Not Fancy: Cortez Brought Horses to America”


#7, 1958
“Truth Not Fancy: Cortez Brought Horses to America”


#1, February 1971
“Truth Not Fancy: Greek-Fire to Flame-Thrower”

About the Artist: Chu F. Hing

(Updated December 25, 2018;
Tomorrow: The Art of Chu F. Hing, Part 2)


  1. Thank you for posting this blog about Chinese American artists. Chu F. Hing is my Uncle (my Grandpa Bill's brother). My Uncle Fook was conversing over email about some older photos of the Chu Kin Yuen family. Some family history and stories arose and none of us knew the full story of Uncle Hing after he had married Aunty Helga.
    I actually have a painting of my great grandparents, Chu Kin and Chong See, by Uncle Hing that I need to send in for art restoration. That is the only original art that I know of which we have kept in the family. Seeing his other pieces on your blog and his life story as an artist and husband are eye-opening. I have shared your blog with my family members and they love it.

    Thanks again for sharing,
    Shawn Chu-Quinn
    (Chu Mei Li)

    1. Hi Shawn. Feel free to contact me directly at