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Graphics: Chinatown and the 1939 New York World’s Fair

Official Chinatown Guide Book for Visitors & New Yorkers (1939)
Cover art, calligraphy, map and illustrations by unknown artist

New York Sun, December 17, 1938
Comprehensive and useful, the “Official Chinatown Guide Book,” edited by Henin Chin and James Boyle and published by Henin & Co. (15 cents), is designed primarily for sightseers whose curiosity may take them to Pell street and Doyers street, but it will interest all who are concerned with New York’s exotic colonies. It presents much information about the men, the industries and the businesses of the settlement, with a map of the district, and it deftly welds the old with the new; thus a test for reading which is printed with odd numbered lines to be read from right to left bering Douglas Corrigan and the building of the Great Wall into association. Directions for using chopsticks are given, and Chinese caterers tell the reader where to use them. An excellent guide and amusing companion.

New York Post, April 29, 1939

China Weekly Review, September 16, 1939
Two Guide Books
Official Chinatown Guide Book—Edited by Henin Chin N.Y. 1939. 96 pages. Price U.S. 15 cents. ... 
The New York World’s’ Fair provided the excuse for a new guide book to New York’s Chinatown, which is located downtown on Doyers, Pell, Mott, Bayard and Canal Streets. This area, which contains more than ten thousand Chinese, is one of the most popular tourist points in New York. The guide book also contains short articles on subjects of Chinese culture and history, as well as a directory for the shops in that area. ...

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