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Photography: The Memoir 1947

Chick Char Club, San Francisco, California

This book is a photographic album of over 1,700 Chinese American World War II veterans. Listed are name and rank (if stated) plus the nativity (state or country) or alternate/multiple names in brackets. Some names have a link to enlistment records or related information.

Chinese America, History and Perspectives
Chinese Historical Society of America, 1992
A Voice of Reason: Life and Times of Gilbert Woo, Chinese American Journalist
25. Formation of the Chick Char Club in 1937 was inspired by the visit of Tao Xinzhi, a Chinese educator who had come to the United States to urge the Chinese to support resistance to Japanese aggression.
Chinese American Transnational Politics
H. Mark Lai
University of Illinois Press, 2010
The War Resistance Against Japan, excerpt from pages 115-116
The outbreak of the Sino-Japanese War had inspired the founding of Chick Char Musical Club in December 1937, a few months before the founding of New York's CYC. The club’s name derived from the phrase chizhafengyun [commanding the wind and clouds]. Chick Char began with a mixture of intellectuals and youth with liberal and Left sympathies who met to perform the folksong “Fengyang huagu” [Flower Drum Song of Fengyang], with lyrics revised by Tao Xingzhi. Tao was then touring the United States to urge resistance to Japanese aggression. Upon arriving in San Francisco, he allegedly encouraged the group to perform the song to rally support for national salvation. Chick Char often performed at pro-China functions and rallies such as Bowl of Rice events and anti-Japanese demonstrations. The club’s performances later expanded to include Cantonese operatic arias and music, and vernacular dramas. ...


WWII Military Unit Records at the National Archives: An Introduction
Naval History and Heritage Command
Naval Abbreviations
Navy Rank Insignia
Army Officer Rank Insignia
Army Enlisted Rank Insignia

Chinese American WWII Veterans Recognition Project

Congressional Record
Vol. 164, No. 152
(Senate - September 12, 2018)
Chinese-American World War II Veteran Congressional Gold Medal Act

Congressional Record
Vol. 164, No. 196
(House of Representatives - December 12, 2018)
Chinese-American World War II Veteran Congressional Gold Medal Act

White House
On Thursday, December 20, 2018, the President signed into law: S. 1050, the “Chinese-American World War II Veteran Congressional Gold Medal Act,” which provides for the award of a Congressional Gold Medal, collectively, to the Chinese-American Veterans of World War II, in recognition of their dedicated service during World War II.

About Lim P. Lee

Group 1

Column 1
Benton W. Wong S1/c [?]
Wong Way Goon [?]
Bing Hen Wong EM3/c [?]
Wong Wing Loy S2/c [?]

Column 2
Kong H. Joe GM2/c [?]
George Lee PHOM2/c [?]
Pfc. Jack Woo [?]
Raymond Synn [?]

Column 3
Fong Ho Joe ST2/c [?]
Wong Thick Fung ART3/c [?]
Noel F. Lowe 2/c [?]
Yee Shuck Gon [?]

Column 4
James Wing Woo SC1/c [?]
James Leong [?]
Willie Lowe GM3/c [?]
Dan Yuen Low SSM (L) 3/c [?]

Column 5
Thomas Quock Steward 2/c [?]
Y. G. Yee S1/c [?]
Harry Lee SC3/c [?]
Chock W. Jong [?]

Group 2

Column 1
Hom Suey Jung S1/c [?]
Chow W. Tong [?]
Kwong Eng S1/c [?]
Patrick H. Chan S1/c [?]

Column 2
Foo Gan Chin S1/c [?]
Hing Wah Chee S1/c [?]
Stephen Wong F1/c [?]
Jimmy Mee Gee SC3/c [?]

Column 3
Lin Gar Young F1/c [?]
S. K. Chun SC3/c [?]
Jin Yung Wong C.N. 6/O [?]
Robert Kee Fong CK3/c [?]

Column 4
Wai Chan AC2/c [?]
Raymond Leong [?]
Horace Wong PHOM3/c [?]
For Jung SC3/c [?]

Column 5
Chan Ping F1/c [?]
Sun Poy Wong S1/c [?]
Nelson Ng SCB3/c [?]
J. K. Woo F.C.3/c [?]

Group 3

Column 1
Hom P. Wee [?]
L. K. Lok [?]
York A. Eng [?]
Harold B. Leon S1/c [?]

Column 2
Tim K. Lim STW2/c [?]
Kim Shee Chin SC3/c [?]
Gilbert Chin A/S [?]
Gim Soon Wong STD3/c [?]

Column 3
Commander Chess Luke [?]
Edgar Quan Wong S1/c [?]
Stephen George Yee RM3/c [?]
Pfc. Hong L. Yee [China]

Column 4
Chan Lee STM1/c [?]
Walter B. Wong [?]
Chun Jin Leong [?]
Quentin Kee Leong CM3/c [?]

Column 5
D. C. Dan [?]
Fook Gim Ong [?]
Daniel F. Toy [?]
Ying Chung Joe [?]

Group 4

Column 1
Chew How Sing S2/c [?]
Keung Bing Chin EM3/c [?]
Kew Lee S1/c [?]
Key D. Wong [?]

Column 2
Jack Mon Yee CK1/c [?]
Lawrence Hom SP2/c [?]
Jimmie D. F. Jung F1/c [?]
Robert Earl Yim S2/c [?]

Column 3
Hom Chun Fong S2/c [?]
Jin Theung Ng CK1/c [?]
Phillip Wong SC3/c [?]
Hong Ning Ching STD3/c [?]

Column 4
Frank Quong [?]
Tam Kwong Yung S1/c [?]
Fon Ock Toy S2/c [?]
Hughes S. Chin S1/c [?]

Column 5
Gim Lee AMM3/c [?]
Sik Guey Hom F1/c [?]
Sau Wah Lee HA1/c [?]
Richard Ching [?]

Group 5

Column 1
Lew Way SC2/c [?]
Lincoln Yim Chu RM2/c [?]
L. G. Wing ST1/c [?]
Stanley Cho SB2/c [?]

Column 2
Lock Ham Set SC3/c [?]
Raymond W. Quan S2/c C. A. [?]
Koo P. Day G[?]3/c [?]
Yee Bow Quong EM3/c [?]

Column 3
Chester B. Gan PHOM1/c [?]
Albert Sun Ow CK1/c [?]
Keung B. Chin EM3/c [?]
Francis Yee Louie S1/c [?]

Column 4
Hee Kwock Ng SC3/c [?]
Wah Hing Mar SC2/c [?]
Lim Ngook Lee SC3/c [?]
Leslie Y. Hom SC3/c [?]

Column 5
Dale Dihon Tom CK1/c [?]
Raymond Lowe F2/c [?]
William Chen S1/c [?]
John Wah Lee RDM2/c [?]

Group 6

Column 1
Lock [Look] York Foo CK2/c [?]
Howard P. Lee [?]
Chung Yee CM3/c [?]
George Wong S1/c [?]

Column 2
William Yee Y3/c [?]
Fong See Chan RDM (R. T.) 3/c [?]
Fun Chee Tong [?]
Chong Yan Yee CK1/c [?]

Column 3
Harry Quong Lee S2/c [?]
Sam Yee RT3/c [?]
Donald Loy EM3/c [?]
Allen Lee S2/c [?]

Column 4
Ken Chin S2/c [?]
Austin C. Wah S1/c [?]
Paul P. Young Sta 3/c [?]
Alfred Chan S1/c [?]

Column 5
Yan Tsue STD3/c [?]
Daniel K. Yee [?]
Woo Hock Lip AM3/c [?]
Chang Wah Chock CM3/c [?]

Group 7

Column 1
Q. Y. Huey [?]
Gilbert F. Lee STD3/c [?]
Robert W. W. Chin [?]
Albert Yong Leo ST3/c [?]

Column 2
Lester C. Ching SC1/c [?]
Warren K. Wong F2/c [?]
Gong Hom S1/c [?]
Arthur Fong S1/c [?]

Column 3
John Chan S1/c [?]
Tony Moy S1/c [?]
Wah Yook Lai S2/c [?]
Thomas F. Hing Am2/c [?]

Column 4
Chin Leong Shiu SF2/c [?]
Henry G. Der QM2/c [?]
Yee Chuey Moon S1/c [?]
P. K. Yee [?]

Column 5
Frank Y. Fong S2/c [?]
William Yee S2/c [?]
Fun Y. Jew SC2/c [?]
Lin Wong Jue S1/c [?]

Group 8

Column 1
Lim T. Quong S1/c [?]
N. F. Lee F1/c [?]
Gam M. Chin F1/c [?]
Jimmie Kong Hom TM3/c [?]

Column 2
Roger Chin [?]
Jimmy N. G. Jue ST2/c [?]
James Lau EM2/c [?]
Ngook Guey Mark CK3/c [?]

Column 3
Wailem Pon STC1/c [?]
Martin On Chun 1/3/c [?]
Hoy Lee [?]
Malven S. Dong S1/c [?]

Column 4
Harold H. G. Ngan [?]
Henry Louie St M1/c [?]
Gean S. Luke SC2/c [?]
Horace Wong SM2/c [?]

Column 5
Henry Lee 1/2/c [?]
Frank Y. Fong [?]
S. W. Wong SC1/c [?]
Leo K. Lee S/1/c [?]

Group 9

Column 1
Sgt. Jimmie Eng [China]
Cpl. Peter Hall [China]
Pfc. Wong S. Mon [2 names]
Pvt. Yee Kong [3 names]

Column 2
Pvt. Fook C. Hom [China]
Loy Hoy Chan AMM3/c
Pvt. Way Ming [?]
Sgt. J. C. Thick [might be Thick G. Jin,
   China; Thick Chin, California]

Column 3
1st Lt. Edward Chan [4 names]
2nd Lt. Clifford Thomas Yee [?]
Cpl. Helen Ng Mun Tayne [China]
Pvt. Wing D. Quan [2 names]

Column 4
Lt. Clement Joe [?]
George G. Fung A/s [?]
S/Sgt. Herbert Yip [China]
Cpl. Ow Der [?]

Column 5
Pfc. Gam F. Lee [might be Gam R. Lee, China]
Capt. Calvin L. Lew [Arizona]
Pvt. Gook H. Jiu [?]
Walter M. Chang [California]

Group 10

Column 1
Sgt. Solomon Keh [California]
Samuel Lee Hom S1/c [?]
Aom Leong 3/c [?]
Len Ock Hong S2/c [?]

Column 2
T/5 Ben Kwock [Bun Kwock, profile,
Pvt. Chin Hoy Shung [might be
Chin G. Shung, China]
Ng Ung Moy S1/c [?]
T/5 Foo Moy [China]

Column 3
Peter C. Lum [?]
Cpl. Fook One [China]
1st Lt. Manuel Kum Soo [California]
Tsun Chun Chen [?]

Column 4
Sgt. Arthur Lee [4 names]
Sgt. Thomas Y. Wong [2 names]
Daniel T. Kim S1/c [?]
Pfc. Kar Ben Lee [China]

Column 5
Joe Hua Fong S1/c [?]
Soo Y. Wong OC/c [?]
Tom Dai Nin STM/c [?]
James L. Dea [?]

Group 11

Column 1
Phillip L. Young [?]
Roland H. Joe ART.2/c [?]
Sam Y. SeeTo AMM2/c [?]
Pfc. Kai L. Wong [China]

Column 2
Pvt. Phillip Chun [?]
Pfc. On Leong [3 names]
T/5 Tai Wu [California]
Pvt. Suey Kock Won [China]

Column 3
Cpl. Git L. Huie [China]
S/Sgt. Wah T. Lem [China]
Cpl. Wing L. Lee [3 names]
Don Q. Lim PHM1/c [?]

Column 4
T/5 Chin Q. Pon [China]
Pvt. Yin Tom [China]
Pvt. Chester Lee [California]
Pfc. Wilbur T. Jung [?]

Column 5
Hong Gam Dong S2/c [?]
Allen C. Lum S2/c [?]
Edward T. Chan ARM(CA) [?]
1st Lt. Bruce Quan [?]

Group 12

Column 1
Lillien Joe S1/c [?]
David Din Shing [?]
Mon Sing Fong [?]
Donald Hall [China]

Column 2
Pfc. Chester Joe [China]
Yee Tong Bon [?]
Sgt. Kai W. Wong [China]
Pfc. Bing L. Jue [?]

Column 3
Hen Poy Chin S1/c [?]
Sgt. Kee M. Ling [China]
T/5 Joe Lee [4 names]
Jimmy Wong S2/c [?]

Column 4
T/Sgt. Henry H. Soon [China]
Edward Leong [?]
Pfc. Dea D. Wing [China]
Lok Ching Gin [?]

Column 5
Pfc. Helen M. Lee [?]
Sue Sing Yuet [?]
Lok Chong Wai [?]
C. M. Leung [Philippines]

Group 13

Column 1
Pvt. Hong Let Ng [?]
Pvt. Don S. Fong [China]
T/5 Mee Fong [?]
Pfc. Tom Fonmin Wong [China]

Column 2
Pvt. Lawrence D. Jeong [China]
Tech. Moy T. Hong [Illinois]
Pfc. Jack Y. Wong [California]
Pfc. Sun Jung [California]

Column 3
Sing Sher Hong [China]
Pfc. Harry Y. Fong [2 names]
Sgt. Lee You Wah [?]
Pfc. Peter Wong [California]

Column 4
Pvt. Kwanley Dong [?]
Pfc. Tam W. Yip
Pfc. Jack L. Yee [4 names]
T/4 Gin Fong [Turkey]

Column 5
Yum T. Leung [China]
Sgt. Wing Y. Yee [2 names]
T/4 Wah Y. Fong [China]
Pfc. Fish Yuen [?]

Group 14

Column 1
Pvt. John Low [2 names]
Pvt. Young Wong [5 names]
Pfc. So S. Low [China]
Cpl. Ty S. Lowe [?]

Column 2
Cpl. Treey G. Lee [Terry G. Lee, China]
Pvt. Shew F. Lom [?]
Pfc. Wing Non Lee [2 names]
James Jeong [?]

Column 3
Pfc. Alfred Gee [California]
Pfc. Gilbert P. Lee [California]
Sgt. Chow S. Yee [China]
Sgt. George Y. Wai [California]

Column 4
Sgt. Kit W. Jee [China]
Pfc. Young Lee [several names]
Pfc. Jong S. Wong [China]
Sgt. Harry M. J. Lee [China]

Column 5
Pvt. Benjamin Gee [?]
T/5 Bill Q. Poon [?]
Pfc. Victor B. Woo [China]
T/Sgt. Mun H. Wong [South Dakota]

Group 15

Column 1
Pfc. William Wong [several names]
Pfc. Kee Ng [China]
Pfc. Jung Leong Bong [?]
Sgt. Jew Y. Thlick [China]

Column 2
Pvt. Lun T. Lee [China]
Cpl. Thlick Jack Louie [?]
Pvt. Lum G. On [?]
Pfc. Lay W. Wong [China]

Column 3
Bob Soo Hoo [China]
Woo B. Ho [?]
Pfc. Wing On Wong [3 names]
Pfc. Yon Lew [?]

Column 4
T. A. Soo Hoo [China]
Cpl. Jing G. Wong [?]
Pfc. Peter Louie [2 names]
S/Sgt. Joe Y. Shu [China]

Column 5
Pfc. Charles D. Moy [Massachusetts]
Pfc. Robert C. Tom [?]
Pfc. W. J. Quon [California]
Sgt. Chong On Wong [California]

Group 16

Column 1
Sgt. Ju F. Wing [?]
Cpl. Pon L. Jock [North Africa Region]
Pfc. Sing T. Fong [Tennessee]
Pfc. Quon L. Fon [China]

Column 2
Cpl. Joe Kong [2 names]
T/5 Jue L. Fong [China]
Pvt. Eng Duak Suen [?]
T/5 Kay J. Low [California]

Column 3
Sgt. F. H. Nock [?]
Sgt. Joe S. Yee [several names]
Pvt. Douglas M. Dea [China]
1st Lt. Edward G. Wong [several names]

Column 4
T/Sgt. Roger H. Fong [?]
Pfc. Walter Ginn Chong [?]
Sgt. Kwock H. Chen [?]
Sgt. Nguey S. Fong [China]

Column 5
Pfc. Willie T. Fong [China]
Cpl. Stanley Dong [China]
Cpl. Henry Yee [five names]
Pfc. Guey Kwong Quan [?]

Group 17

Column 1
Pvt. Kwow O. Yee [?]
Pfc. Jay T. Howe [Illinois; 407th Air
   Service Squadron]
Cpl. James Chon Chan [2 names]
Ging Lee [3 names]

Column 2
Pfc. Allen W. Yuen [?]
Foo Jew [China]
Mong Yet Chin [?]
Hop Lee [2 names]

Column 3
Pvt. Fun Ark Chin [China]
George J. Tom [China]
Pvt. Guey C. Leong [?]
Pvt. John Ng [several names]

Column 4
Kan Show Wong [?]
Steven H. Chan [?]
Bing Q. Yee [China]
Cpl. Hem Shu Gin [China]

Column 5
Wah N. Wong [?]
Hung P. Wong [China]
Pfc. Joseph Wong [6 names]
Wing Leong [2 names]

Group 18

Column 1
Pfc. Alfred H. Lee [3 names]
K. Chong Tom [?]
Cpl. Dong Jung Gong [Mississippi]
T/5 Wayne Wong [?]

Column 2
S/Sgt. Fred T. Young [?]
Pfc. Ki S. Quan [Pennsylvania]
T/5 Henry F. Lee [China]
Pfc. G. S. Lee [might be Grover S. T. Lee,

Column 3
Pfc. Hong J. Wong [China]
Cpl. Gim P. Chan [China]
Pfc. Wyman Wong [?]
T/5 Kang Chee Young [?]

Column 4
2nd Lt. William R. Yee [several names]
Pfc. Yet S. Lum [China]
T/4 Ock B. Wong [China]
A/C John E. Lee [?]

Column 5
Cpl. Richard M. Pon [China]
Cpl. Houng H. Wong [China]
Pfc. Jimmy L. Leong [China]
Pvt. Po Hong Woo [?]

Group 19

Column 1
Pfc. Woon S. Jung [China]
Cpl. Louie K. Woo [California]
Cpl. Edmond Lew [California]
Pvt. Min Wong [China]

Column 2
Sgt. Donald Won [2 names]
Pvt. Sue J. Chin [China]
Pvt. James Y. Louie [?]
Pfc. Him Mon Low [might be Hing M Low,

Column 3
Lt. Arthur Jan [California]
Pvt. Bing S. Ung [China]
Sgt. Dan H. Eng [China]
Pvt. Yook Wong [2 names]

Column 4
S/Sgt. Frank Yee [several names]
T/4 Gim K. Chin [California]
Cpl. Ging Gin [China]
Sgt. Kon H. Woo [?]

Column 5
T/Sgt. John K. Woo [China]
Cpl. Bunn W. Fong [China]
Tong Q. Soo Hoo [China]
Pvt. Richard Lee [several names]

Group 20

Column 1
Cpl. Kenneth W. Wong [2 names]
Pfc. Chune Lee [?]
Sgt. Charles D. Gong [China]
S/Sgt. Gim W. Jeong [China]

Column 2
Pfc. Frank Gong [?]
Pfc. Jay K. Chiu [China]
Cpl. Jin F. Hom [?]
Peter S. K. Inn [China]

Column 3
Lt. Frank W. Lew [California]
Cpl. Jack Lee [several names]
Iram Jue [?]
Pvt. Stephen C. Low [?]

Column 4
Pvt. You Gay Chan [?]
Cpl. Song Hing Woo [China]
Major John Foo Wong [several names]
Sgt. Hung Q. Wong [China]

Column 5
S/Sgt. Harry W. Louie [Utah]
T/4 Yok F. Lee [?]
Pfc. Ball Dong [China]
Pvt. Chong Hom [China]

Group 21

Column 1
Pfc. Yuk M. Soo [China]
Pfc. Hom Mong [?]
Pfc. W. L. Chin [several names]
Sgt. Chun Yak Leung [?]

Column 2
Cpl. Ping B. Chin [China]
Pvt. Hok Chin [China]
Pfc. Louie S. Ging [China]
Colan Quan [?]

Column 3
Pfc. Gay Quon [?]
Sgt. Vincent P. Chan [?]
Sgt. Shue Q. Wong [China]
Sgt. Sam G. Chin [China]

Column 4
Pvt. W. C. Tom [might be Wilfred C. L. Tom,
Sgt. Sing C. Cheung [China]
Pfc. Bill Ling Wong [China]
Pfc. Moo Leong [China]

Column 5
Pvt. Charles Gon [?]
Sgt. Bob Chin [4 names]
Pvt. Sam Yee [2 names]
Pfc. Shuman L. Chan [?]

Group 22

Column 1
Shing Wong [2 names]
Yee Fook Wing [4 names]
Cpl. Ark Lee [2 names]
Cpl. Andrew C. Sin [?]

Column 2
Pfc. Lawrence D. Ngai [China]
S/Sgt. Chun Y. Gee [China]
Jackson M. Lum [?]
Paul Huie [?]

Column 3
Charles Lee [several names]
S/Sgt. Yuk Ow [China; MIS Language
S.Sgt. Wong Quan Shu [China]
Pvt. Sammy Lai [?]

Column 4
Cpl. William Woo [4 names]
Pfc. Benjamin M. Quong [Massachusetts]
Pvt. Casey L. Quoork [Cooey L. Quoork,
Pfc. James Hoo [?]

Column 5
Pfc. Yee K. Shu [China]
Pfc. Dack L. Wong [might be
   Dick L. Wong, Hawaii]
Pfc. Joe Suit Fung [might be Fung S. Jew,
Ying C. Wong [China]

Group 23

Column 1
T/5 Albert Chin [several names]
Sgt. Hung M. Mark [China]
Pvt. Ngeow B. Lee [China]
Pfc. George Dart Tong [California]

Column 2
T/4 Tung Hem Fong [2 names]
Pfc. George Leong [several names]
Cpl. Hans J. Wong [China]
T/Sgt. J. S. Wing [China]

Column 3
Sgt. Lun D. Wong [China]
Pvt. Jook L. Leong [China]
T/5 Siow T. Chow [?]
Sgt. Hung O. Chin [China]

Column 4
Pfc. Wing Y. Woon [2 names]
F/O Shu Wing Gee [?]
T/Sgt. Yung G. Lee [China]
Pfc. Jung Shew Lum [?]

Column 5
Pfc. Mong Main Ho [China]
Sgt. Albert W. Lee [2 names]
Sgt. Fawn Yim [Nevada]
Cpl. Anthony T. Lew [?]

Group 24

Column 1
Pfc. Mon White Fong [California]
Pfc. Wong N. Go [?]
T/5 Norman Young [California]
Sgt. Quok B. Chung [California]

Column 2
Pfc. See F. Lee [China]
Pvt. Lew B. Joe [?]
Pvt. Quan C. Yee [?]
Sgt. Chan H. Chin [?]

Column 3
Sgt. Norman Chin [?]
Cpl. N. H. Cheung [China]
Pfc.  K. Jin Lee [China]
Pvt. Phillip Hong [?]

Column 4
Pfc. George Chan [several names]
Cpl. Allen Pong [?]
Sgt. Kenneth Gong [China]
Pfc. Dare M. Kai [China]

Column 5
Sgt. David Lew [?]
Pfc. Stanley G. Gong [might be
   Stanley Y. Gong, China]
Pvt. James L. Chung [California]
Cpl. Arthur Chin [2 names]

Group 25

Column 1
Sgt. Thomas K. J. Fong [2 names]
H. B. Young [?]
Pfc. Hin F. Lee [might be Bin F. Lee,

Column 2
Pvt. Fook F. Mar [might be Fook S. Mar,
Sgt. Jack P. Hom [China]
Ai Thick Wong [3 names]
Sgt. Franklin F. Mon [?]

Column 3
Pfc. York Q. Luke [China]
Pfc. Yook L. Eng [China]
Cpl. Quan Lee [?]
Cpl. John R. Lai [?]

Column 4
Cpl. James W. Kim [California]
Sgt. Gilbert Young [California]
Pvt. Doo F. Chin [?]
Cpl. Moon Chew Lee [?]

Column 5
F/O Manville Gan
S/Sgt. H. S. Chin [might be Hing S. Chin,
   China; Hong S. Chin, China; Hoy S. Chin,
T/4 Paul Y. Wong [3 names]
Sgt. Jay Suey Fung [China]

Group 26

Column 1
Sgt. Fook D. Wong [China]
Pvt. Kaido Wu [?]
George M. Tong [California]
Pvt. Him Dong [3 names]

Column 2
Wee H. Young [might be Mee H. Young,
   China or Lee H. Young, China]
Cpl. Gin Wong [several names]
T/4 Cheong Wong [China]
T/Sgt. Ying Gar Young [?]

Column 3
Pvt. Elmer Chiu-Ying Chee [China]
Pvt. Dick Jeong [China]
Sgt. Martin How [California]
Pvt. Harvey Fong [China]

Column 4
Pfc. Jan Lee [China]
Pfc. Harry Mar [?]
Pfc. Tin B. Cheng [California]
M/Sgt. Alfred J. Wong [several names]

Column 5
Pfc. Quon N. Kay [might be Kay S. Quon,
Cpl. Nom Hay Wong [might be
   Wong S. Nom, China]
Pfc. Hip W. Quan [China]
Pfc. Donald Arthur Ong [China]

Group 27

Column 1
Pvt. Lee. J. Suey [New Jersey]
Pfc. Gee Fung [2 names]
Sgt. George Leong J[r]. [Indiana]
Sgt. Leong C. Mun [China]

Column 2
Pfc. Jung T. Hoy [California]
Pvt. Lew Foong Sheung [?]
Hom Lun Tow [?]
S/Sgt. Wallace F. Quon [China]

Column 3
Pvt. Joseph Yun [?]
T/Sgt. T. H. Ko [?]
Cpl. Sam L. Wong [several names]
Cpl. Bill Pong Quan [Massachusetts]

Column 4
Pfc. Jime H. Wong [Jim H. Wong,
   China; James H. Wong; or
   James H. Wong, California]
Cpl. Keng D. Lem [?]
T/5 Yee R. Gim [China]
Pfc. Bill Wong [3 names]

Column 5
Pfc. Richard Hing Yee [3 names]
Pvt. Wieland Leong [?]
PVt. D. H. Soo Hoo [?]
Pvt. Set W. Lew [Set W. Leu, China]

Group 28

Column 1
Sue Hong Louie [?]
Pvt. Raymond King Chang [2 names]
S/Sgt. Sing Lai [China]
Pvt. Howard Wing Wong [?]

Column 2
Cpl. Peter L. Hom [?]
Elmo Suen [?]
Cpl. Wing Chung [China]
Pvt. Jackie Wong [?]

Column 3
Albert Wong [several names]
Pfc. Wing L. Lai [might be Wing Y. Lai]
Pvt. Raymond Y. Gee [2 names]
Pvt. Bock Sing Dea

Column 4
Roger Chan [?]
Sgt. Bing Yow Wong [2 names]
William Wong [several names]
John Chong [2 names]

Column 5
Burbank Jung [?]
Pfc. Buck L. Chong [?]
Cpl. Everett Wong [3 names]
James Chin [4 names]

Group 29

Column 1
Wesley Leong [?]
T/5 Hong Nin Lee [several names]
Pfc. Doon Chinn [3 names]
Pfc. Wah J. Low [China]

Column 2
Sgt. Mann Tom [?]
Pfc. San Lim [China]
Pfc. Gee Lee [4 names]
Pfc. Yook Fong [2 names]

Column 3
Pvt. Richard Lim [2 names]
Cpl. So Mar [China]
Pfc. Lan P. Louie [China]
Pvt. Harry S. Kong [China]

Column 4
Lt. Henry Oi [China]
Pfc. George Kwan [China]
Cpl. James Lee [several names]
Pfc. Gim S. Ng [2 names]

Column 5
Pfc. William Lem [2 names]
Pfc. Kay Shew Law [China]
Pfc. Raymond H. Lee [3 names]
Pfc. Gin Kim Lee [China]

Group 30

Column 1
Pfc. See Ngan Chin [?]
Pvt. Suey C. Louie [China]
Sgt. Benny W. Lim [China]
Cpl. Hing F. Chin [several names]

Column 2
Pfc. Chok H. Toy [China]
Captain En Hung Tam [?]
Pvt. Thomas Jew [3 names]
Cpl. Guey Mark [California]

Column 3
Pvt. Billy Why [Pennsylvania]
T/Sgt. Wayne Hall [China]
Cpl. Jim S. Wong [China]
Pfc. Winston J. Lung [China]

Column 4
Pvt. Tung P. Chung [?]
Pfc. Gem Y. Lee [China]
Pfc. Henry J. Dea [might be Wing J. Dea]
S.Sgt. Hubert L. Quan [China]

Column 5
Fat Hoey [China]
T/5 Yook J. Yee [China]
T/5 Charles Wah [China]
Pfc. Jock L. Li [China]

Group 31

Column 1
T/4 Henry Woo [5 names]
Pfc. Poy Yen Chin [China]
Pfc. Moon Sun Wong [2 names]
Pfc. Jack Y. Quan [China]

Column 2
T/4 Hong H. Lee [3 names]
Sgt. Howard Wong [several names]
Pfc. Wing Dark Goon [might be Wing Goon,
Pvt. Eng Gang [might be Gang W. Ng,

Column 3
Pfc. Buckie Yee [might be Buck S. Lee,
   Puerto Rico]
Pvt. Bok Hong Chin [China]
Pfc. Poy Wong [4 names]
Winston Yee

Column 4
S/Sgt. Benson K. Lee [California]
T/5 B. G. Chin [might be Bak G. Chin,
   China; Bing G. Chin, China]
Pfc. Ho T. Woo [China]
Hong S. Lew [China]

Column 5
Cpl. Edwin F. Lee [3 names]
S/Sgt. Harry Wong [several names]
T/5 Howe Lew [China]
Samuel Oyoung Chee [?]

Group 32

Column 1
Pvt. Donald Chin [China]
Cpl. Gin T. Tong [China]
Bow Kwong Wong [might be Bow Wong]
Pfc. Raymond J. Hong [2 names

Column 2
T/5 Charley Yim [California]
Pvt. Don H. Lim [might be De H. Lim,
   China; Douglas D. H. Lim Hawaii]
Lt. Kung Hall [?]
T/4 Wing F. Hong [China]

Column 3
Kee Tong [China]
Pfc. H. Wing Lee [China]
Cpl. Gun S. Chan [China]
Ellis Lowe [?]

Column 4
T/5 Quock Y. Chan [?]
Pfc. Henry Hom [2 names]
T/5 Peter G. Lew [?]
Pvt. Lun N. Lee [China]

Column 5
Pfc. Kwock G. Gee [China]
Pfc. Wing S. Go [China]
Pfc. Fat Tong [China]
T/5 Tom S. Hong [2 names]

Group 33

Column 1
Pvt. Suey Bing Chin [China]
Pfc. Ming K. Tom
Pfc. Johnny Ngim Chin [might be
   Chin S. Ngim, China]
Kee Young [3 names]

Column 2
Cpl. Chin Hing Yow [4 names]
Sgt. Wing B. Hong [Liberia] 
Pvt. Franklyn K. Wong [2 names use Franklin
Pfc. Tue P. Hom [China]

Column 3
Pfc. Gin Ling [China]
Pfc. Young Kim Lee [California]
Pfc. Bay O. Lew [China]
Pfc. Fred Q. Lee [several names]

Column 4
Sgt. Jack G. Wong [several names]
Jack J. Cheng [?]
Cpl. Ngook L. Chew [China]
Pfc. Joe Wayne Fong [?]

Column 5
Pfc. Kay Bing Yee [China]
Cpl. Henry Chin [several names]
Cpl. Willie Lowe [California]
T/Sgt. Gock D. Woo [China]

Group 34

Column 1
1st Lt. William F. Shek [William Shek,
Cpl. Ray Eng [California]
Pfc. John T. Fong [China]
Pvt. Shi Ming Gee [several names]

Column 2
Pvt. Lew Bing Fong [China]
F/O Lincoln Chuck [California]
Pvt. Eugene Tom [?]
Pfc. You Lim [4 names]

Column 3
Lt. Morrison Chun [might be
   Frank Morrison Jr.]
Sgt. Adrian S. Jung [California]
Pfc. Yuen Ho Fong [might be
   Yuen Q. Fong, China]
Pvt. Ernest Young [Hawaii]

Column 4
Cpl. Willard Lee [?]
T/5 Judson Chu
Pvt. Lung G. Lee [China]
Cpl. Tong Louie [3 names]

Column 5
S/Sgt. Lew Wah San [might be Wah S. Lew,
   California; Wah S. Lew, California]
Sgt. Robert B. Jung [California]
Sgt. Gang Sue Woo [might be Gang C. Woo,
Sgt. George T. Lee [California]

Group 35

Column 1
Sgt. Lung Ung [China]
2nd Lt. Cho Ping Chun [?]
Pvt. Paul T. Wong [3 names]
Goon Lee [5 names]

Column 2
Chin N. Ngow [?]
Keong Hung Chang [?]
T/5 Maa T. Fong [China]
T/4 Hock Wong [China]

Column 3
Rt. Richard K. L. [might be
   Richard B. L. Chock;
   Richard K. L. Young]
T/4 Mong Lim Yee [China]
Cpl. Doon G. Wong [China]
Cpl. Harry Sy Joe [?]

Column 4
T/5 Gan C. Tong [China]
Chang Hung Chong [4 names]
Mon Chee [California]
T/Sgt. George Lee [several names]

Column 5
John W. Wong [New York]
Sgt. Mang J. Lau [China]
Cpl. Otis K. Lowe [California]
Pfc. Alfred H. Lee [3 names]

Group 36

Column 1
Cpl. Donald Lee [3 names]
Cpl. Lee F. Toy [China]
S/Sgt. Arthur K. Wong [3 names]
Pvt. Harold Kai Louie [California]

Column 2
Pfc. Yow S. Gee [might be Gee K. Yow China]
Sgt. Niy H. Woo [?]
Pvt. Billy Lew [China]
Cpl. Gordon Wong [6 names]

Column 3
Cpl. Richard H. Yee [?]
Sgt. Yai G. Fong [?]
Pvt. Wing F. Won [might be Won C. Wing,
Pvt. Lung Yum Lee [China]

Column 4
Cpl. Gordon Wong [6 names]
T/5 Kay S. Jong [California]
Sgt. Randolph W. Cheung [Wisconsin]
Pfc. Herbert M. Wing [?]

Column 5
Pvt. Alfred J. Leong [?]
Pfc. Raymond Fong [3 names]
S/Sgt. Paul B. Young [China]
Pfc. Doo J. Lim [might be Doo Y. Lim, China]

Group 37

Column 1
Pvt. Sun Y. Quan [China]
Cpl. Jimmy Choy [Liberia]
Pfc. Hing S. J. [?]
T/3 Donald Hop Louie [China]

Column 2
Pvt. Kern L. Chew [?]
Cpl. Chin S. Go [?]
Pfc. George W. Hing [?]
Pfc. Soo Lee [4 names]

Column 3
Sgt. Kingsley Y. Wong [?]
Pfc. James How [?]
Pvt. Chen Low [California]
Cpl. Foo O. Fong [2 names]

Column 4
Pvt. Wun Lay [might be Loy Wun, China]
Ng Hong [2 names]
Sgt. Thyn Wong [2 names]
Pfc. Tzu C. Mah [China]

Column 5
Cpl. Samuel W. Lee [China]
T/5 King Leong [?]
Sgt. Tong S. Lee [2 names]
Pfc. Lawrence Chew [?]

Group 38

Column 1
Pfc. Yow B. Yee [might be Yow K. Yee, China]
Pfc. Edward Lee [several names]
Pfc. Peter Y. C. Lum [2 names]
Pvt. Wah Fong Lowe [?]

Column 2
Pvt. Wah Lee [several names]
S/Sgt. Harry K. Lee [California]
Sgt. Philip W. Woo [China]
Pvt. Goon E. Wong [4 names]

Column 3
Pvt. Lum Mon Yip [China]
T/5 Joe Hong Chew [might be
   Joe D. Chew, China; Hong F. Chew, China]
Wah T. Toy [China]
Sgt. Henry Woo [5 names]

Column 4
Sgt. Jin M. Moy [China]
Pfc. Goon O. Gin [China]
Pfc. Chin H. Kew [China]
Pfc. Yen Moy [California]

Column 5
T/4 Sgt. June Non Lee [2 names]
Sgt. Fung M. Quan [China]
Pvt. Wai Cheow Lam [?]
Sgt. John Wong [several names]

Group 39

Column 1
Cpl. Young G. Tung [China]
S/Sgt. Gim P. Lee [several names]
Sang Chang [California]
Pfc. Shew Yee [China]

Column 2
Pfc. Jew Fon Quan [?]
Pfc. Quock On Yee [China]
T/Sgt. George H. Lee [3 names]
Chee Yow Chin [2 names]

Column 3
Wing Y. Lew [China]
Cpl. Beck H. Gee [China]
York Pong Eng [?]
William W. Dong [might be
    William Y. Dong, Canada]

Column 4
T/4 William Sue [?]
T/5 Henry Eng [3 names]
Pvt. K. Hong Tong [?]
T/Sgt. Fook S. Mar [California]

Column 5
Pvt. Robert William Fong [3 names]
Pfc. Go Shung Wing [China]
Dow Y. Lue [China]
Harry W. Yee [3 names]

Group 40

Column 1
Cpl. Doon G. Wong [China]
Sgt. Kai M. Lew [might be Kai Min Lau, Hawaii;
   Kai M Lieu, China]
T/4 Lee H. Kam [China]
W. D. Wong [might be Walter D. Wong;
   William D. Wong, China; Wing D. Wong,
   China; Wing D. Wong, China]

Column 2
Cpl. Quan Fong [3 names]
T/5 Philip M. Fong [China]
Pvt. Yut L. Lew [?]
Ning S. Eng [?]

Column 3
S/Sgt. Haley Mar [California]
Pvt. Gee Wing [several names]
Sgt. Tommy Y. Q. Ong [China]
Lum J. Tan [China]

Column 4
Sgt. Lun Q. Ng [China]
T/4 Jung Hoy [2 names]
Thlung T. Lee [China]
Sgt. Frank Chiles Kee [might be Charles F. Kee]

Column 5
1st. Lt. Walter Quan [China]
T/5 Ling G. Louie [China]
T/Sgt. Ernest J. Sing [Oregon]
Cpl. Frank Chin [several names]

Group 41

Column 1
Sgt. Chew Huey [?]
Sgt. Sheck J. Hom [?]
S/Sgt. Jo Ken Ong [might be Ken J. Ong,
Pfc. Yow F. Low [?]

Column 2
Pvt. Robert Chu [New York]
Pfc. Wilson Hew [?]
Cpl. Harry C. Soo Hoo [?]
Pfc. Ser C. Low [?]

Column 3
Pfc. Goon C. Ng [China]
Chun Wong [2 names]
Cpl. Benjamin Keh [California]
Pfc. Bing Dea [China]

Column 4
1st Lt. Dewey K. Lowe [?]
S/Sgt. Clinton Chow [?]
Cpl. Soda D. Youn [?]
M/Sgt. Thomas Lew [3 names]

Column 5
Pfc. Che Far Koo [China]
Cpl. Warren Y. Wong [California]
Yick Tin Fong [China]
Gordon Wong [6 names]

Group 42

Column 1
Pfc. Jung Leroy Yick [California]
Sgt. Ronald Chow [?]
Pfc. Huie W. Jin [China]
T/4 Walter Chuck [?]

Column 2
Yee N. Shuck [might be Shuck F. Yee,
Cpl. Ivar Won [China]
S/Sgt. Herbert Yep [might be Herbert Yip,
Pfc. Dot W. Goon [might be Dot. T. Goon,

Column 3
Cpl. Herbert Gene [California]
S/Sgt. Samuel C. Sin [California]
T/5 Gum Wone [California]
Pvt. Yuen F. Wong [2 names]

Column 4
Sgt. James H. Yee [China]
Pfc. Gin H. Lok [China]
Hayes Chuck [?]
Pfc. May G. Gam [?]

Column 5
Ping G. Lee [China]
Pvt. Hank Hong [?]
Pfc. Wilbur F. L. Jew [China]
Hom L. Jong [?]

Group 43

Column 1
Pfc. Ate Lee [China]
Sing Chuck Wong [China]
Cpl. Daniel Luon Won [?]
Sgt. Edward Wong [several names]

Column 2
Pfc. Jerry Sick Chee [?]
T/4 Pok Chen [?]
Cpl. Gway O. Wong [China]
Pfc. Gam Fook Fong [?]

Column 3
T/5 Way L. Lai [?]
Pfc. Henry H. Jung [China]
Cpl. Tom Q. Woo [Colorado]
Pfc. Yuen Wong [several names]

Column 4
Sub. Lt. Liang Wang [?]
T/5 Yok W. Jang [China]
Sgt. Tang Jeng Hoo [?]
Sgt. Stanley C. Jang [China]

Column 5
Sgt. Lin Wong [2 names]
Sub. Lt. Shih Chi Shen [?]
Pfc. Bing O. Chin [China]
Pfc. Tong M. Wong [several names]

Group 44

Column 1
Pfc. Peter Fung [might be Peter Fong,
Sgt. George Gong [2 names]
Pvt. Chester Yee [3 names]
Pfc. Yee G. Yuen [4 names]

Column 2
Shang Y. Yip [China]
Pfc. Gum Jew [China]
T/5 Wai Ban Wong [2 names]
Cpl. Albert Hing Wong [Hawaii]

Column 3
T/4 Woon T. Quong [China]
Sgt. Henry J. Lem [?]
Pvt. Hom Jung [3 names]
Pfc. You Wah Lew [2 names]

Column 4
T/5 Stafford H. Wong [China]
Cpl. Sid Jeow [China]
Pfc. Yin Wing Leong [China]
Pvt. Wing W. Jung [China]

Column 5
Cpl. Howard Lo [?]
Foo Yet Wong [China]
Cpl. Howe Lee [might be Howe Lew, China]
T/4 Foon Y. Mah [China]

Group 45

Column 1
Sgt. Bing J. Tom [China]
Pfc. Jeonon Shing [Massachusetts]
Sgt. Chor Y. Law [China; 407th Air
   Service Squadron]
Sgt. Tom Leung [China]

Column 2
Yiu Chai Chen [?]
Pvt. Soo G. Won [China]
Cpl. C. J. Fong [might be Chew J. Fong, China;
   Choon J. Fong, China; Chew J. Fong, China] 
Suey S. Woo [might be Suey F. Woo, China]

Column 3
Major Won Loy Chan [Oregon; MIS
   Language School]
S/Sgt. Dunai Harry Yee [China]
Sgt. Albert W. Lee [2 names]
Cpl. Lincoln T. Mon [?]

Column 4
Henry D. Tong [California]
Sgt. Bennie Lim [China]
Sgt. Louie Wah Ying [China]
Pvt. Edward King [probably Edmund J. King]

Column 5
T/5 Mang K. Lau [China]
Cpl. Yut W. Wong [2 names]
Pvt. Keung Lum [China]
Cpl. James Wong [several names]

Group 46

Column 1
Sgt. Dow Mars [China]
1st/Sgt. Daniel Yee [California]
Cpl. Fook Mon Gaw [China]
Cpl. Herbert T. Quan [might be
   Herbert Q. Quan, China]

Column 2
Cpl. Way S. Jang [China]
Pfc. Tew Yee [China]
Pvt. Richard C. Hong [Massachusetts]
T/4 Hong Yue Lui [China]

Column 3
Richard Goon [Maine]
Sgt. Lum W. Chow [?]
Pfc. Lew G. Poy [China]
T/5 Jiu Bing [China]

Column 4
Sgt. Ng Suey Kee [China]
Pfc. Mar Kai [China]
Sgt. Gordon Wong [6 names]
Cpl. Kwong S. Dea [China]

Column 5
Pfc. Wing S. Mark [China]
Lim Wong [7 names]
Sgt. Philip Yim Ching [China]
T/4 Lee Kwok Yin [China]

Group 47

Column 1
Cpl. Philip L Yip [might be Pon L. Yip, China]
Pvt. Check S. Yee [China]
Pvt. Non Jew [?]
Sgt. Hoffman Wong [?]

Column 2
T/5 Jee Nee Lim [might be Lim W. Jee,
   China;   Nee L. Joe, China]
Pfc. Chai Choy [China]
S/Sgt. Yow Wing Lee [3 names]
Cpl. Robert E. Chan [2 names]

Column 3
Sgt. Sam Moy [China]
Major Edwin Owyang [?]
Jing Moon Pon [China]
S/Sgt. Raymond L. Suen [California]

Column 4
Pfc. Tet M. Yee [China]
Cpl. Min Tom [California]
Pfc. Wellington L. Chew [California; MIS
   Language School]
Pfc. Willie Ng [2 names]

Column 5
Pvt. Quong You Woo [?]
Cpl. Frank Bing [might be Frank Hing, Oregon;
   Frank D. King, Michigan]
Pfc. Yee H. Fung [might be Fung C. Yee, China]
Cpl. Allan Moy [Illinois]

Group 48

Column 1
T/5 See Huey [China]
Cpl. Suey G. Wong [several names]
Pfc. Lloyd Tsang [Chile?]
Cpl. Lew Y. Jen [might be
   Lew Y. Jem, China]

Column 2
Edward Suen [China]
Pvt. Chune Wong [China]
Cpl. David Lee [several names]
Pfc. Chak Kang Lee [China]

Column 3
Pfc. Eddie Fong [4 names]
Pfc. Foon Hon Der [?]
Sgt. Gim C. Wong [China]
Pfc. Leong T. Loy [China]

Column 4
Ming Yip Yee [4 names]
Cpl. Daniel G. Fung [might be How G. Fung,
   China; Daniel Fong, 3 names]
Pfc. William Lowe [2 names]
Cpl. Gay Chin [?]

Column 5
Pvt. Fung Y. Woo [China]
Sgt. Joe Yee [several names]
S/Sgt. Joe F. Choy [?]
Pfc. Goy Ark Chin [China; 407th Air
   Service Squadron]

Group 49

Column 1
Sgt. Thick C. Dea [China]
Pfc. Ton Bon Yee [4 names]
Cpl. Quey Gum Lee [3 names]
Pfc. Fook Jung [several names]

Column 2
Pvt. Horn Wing Gee [China]
G. Moon [probably Go G. Moon, China]
Pvt. William Quon [2 names]
Yee Wah [3 names]

Column 3
Cpl. Tung Fong [5 names]
Pfc. Franklin J. N. Ng [China]
T/5 Jim K. Goon [China]
Cpl. H. Y. Toy [might be Hong Y. Toy]

Column 4
Pfc. Francis C. Ong [China]
Sgt. Leonard Tong Woo [China]
Pfc. Richard H. Yee [3 names]
Pfc. Yee Tai Jong [?]

Column 5
Sgt. Hing Vi Yee [China]
Pfc. Bock J. Gee [might be
   Bock S. Gee, China]
Sgt. Jon Lee [California]
Pfc. Joe Q. Yee [several names]

Group 50

Column 1
Sgt. Gordon Wong [several names]
Pvt. Wing Tong [Hawaii]
Cpl. Sam S. Wong [China]
Cpl. Fon T. Woo [China]

Column 2
Cpl. Suey H. Hang [?]
Sgt. Kay Leong [China]
T/Sgt. Francisco D. Leo [?]
Pfc. Albert Lee [several names]

Column 3
Pfc. Woo Kew You [China]
Pfc. S. Y. Good [?]
Sgt. Jean H. Shing [China; 407th Air
   Service Squadron]
T/Sgt. Benjamin B. Lum [Oregon]

Column 4
Pfc. George Lee [several names]
Cpl. Lee Fon [2 names]
Pfc. Yuen Hoo Sing [?]
Pfc. Wing Y. Wong [5 names]

Column 5
George Kong [2 names]
1st Lt. Macky Sue [?]
Sgt. Fong A. Loo [China]
T/4 Lee Lung [China]

Group 51

Column 1
Pfc. James J. H. Fong [Hawaii]
Pvt. John Wong [several names]
Sgt. Yim B. Wong [China]
Pfc. Yit T. Chin [China]

Column 2
Pvt. Tommy Jung Hom [3 names]
Cpl. Gwong H. Chin [might be
   Chim H. Gwong, China]
Pfc. Tham Chew Yin [China]
Pfc. Willie P. Sun [?]

Column 3
Pfc. Y. T. Kan [might be Tong Y. Kan]
Robert Lee [several names]
Pfc. Fook Yee Jung [2 names]
Pfc. Vance Quan [?]

Column 4
Pfc. Young T. Chow [probably
   Young T. Chew, China]
Deuk Wong [China]
Cpl. Tom S. Hong [2 names]
Pfc. Soon H. Lee [China; 407th Air
   Service Squadron]

Column 5
Cpl. Wah H. Ng [might be Ng H. Wai, China]
Pvt. Toong Ying Wong [China]
Pfc. James Lee [several names]
Pvt. Kwock Weng Hom [China]

Group 52

Column 1
Pfc. Chancy Yow [might be Charlie Yow,
1st Lt. Lin Ying Lung [China] Lin Ying Lung
T/5 Hung Thet Lee [China]
T/4 Leong Kay Hoy [China]

Column 2
Cpl. Fon Y. Wong [California]
Cpl. Man K. Moy [might be Gan K. Moy,
   New York]
Pfc. Henry Gong [3 names]
Pfc. F. Tai Leung [China]

Column 3
Pfc. Lyman Chan [?]
Pfc. Kim F. Quan [China]
Cpl. Wah Jan Wong [several names]
T/5 Cpl. Sing K. Lee [China]

Column 4
Cpl. Chester B. Chan [China]
Cpl. Suey L. Lee [California]
Pfc. Kee Jung [2 names]
Paul Lowe [California]

Column 5
Pvt. Herbert Lee [6 names]
Sgt. Sik M. Chin [China]
Cpl. Thick Chong [China]
Sgt. Ping H. Louie [California]

Group 53

Column 1
Pfc. Dock W. Cheung [?]
T/5 Yin H. Wong [China]
Pvt. Tony Jue [China]
Pvt. Chao Ping Hao [China]

Column 2
Pvt. Chung C. Leong [?]
T/5 Get H. Lee [?]
Joe T. Hwong [China]
Pfc. Sarn S. Lau [might be Lau S. Arn,

Column 3
Pvt. Hom Way [China]
Cpl. Robert C. Hong [Massachusetts]
Ling C. Hin [?]
Sgt. John C. Lee [China]

Column 4
Cpl. Hom D. Foo [China]
Cpl. Hing F. Young [might be Jing F. Young,
Lt. James K. Fong [Hawaii]
Pvt. Sang Wong [several names]

Column 5
1st Sgt. Hanson Siu [California]
Pfc. Yat F. Der [China]
Sgt. Hay Wong [3 names]
Cpl. Sing Tong Yip [China]

Group 54

Column 1
Sgt. Joe Gang [?]
Pfc. On F. Lee [China]
Pfc. Moon F. Gan [China]
Pfc. Fong You Wong [probably You F. Fong,

Column 2
S/Sgt. Kwock H. Wong [China]
T/4 Bill Leung [China]
Cpl. George Jung [several names]
Hon H. Chen [?]

Column 3
Pfc. Jew N. Jong [China]
Pfc. Alfred G. Wong [California; 407th Air
   Service Squadron]
Pvt. S. Y. Tong [probably Seik Y. Tong,
Pfc. Bock S. Lew [China]

Column 4
Cpl. York F. Gin [China]
Cpl. Sid Coom [Sid Coon, China]
T/4 Go K. Leung [China]
Pfc. Kee Yee [3 names]

Column 5
1st Lt. Wayman C. Wing [?]
T/5 Quon G. Lee [California]
T/5 Henry M. S. You [might be
   Henry S. M. Young, Hawaii]
Bun Hon Lew [?]

Group 55

Column 1
Pfc. Low Chong Wing [China]
Cpl. Gin H. Yem [might be Gin H. Yee,
T/Sgt. Edward Ah Tye [California]
Sgt. Wah Lew [several names]

Column 2
Cpl. Hom Tong Sing [China]
T/5 Dang C. Tung [China]
Bok W. Yee – Pay Clerk [?]
Cpl. Wing Fee Leong [California]

Column 3
T/5 Jack Lum [California]
Pfc. Don Q. Mah [China]
S/Sgt. Wing Yee Fon [China]
Pvt. Jordan Wong [China]

Column 4
Sgt. Hom Sum [?]
Pfc. Gene Wong Quong [several names]
Pfc. Som V. Yow [2 names]
Pvt. Sun Lew [2 names]

Column 5
Cpl. Soon Min Fong [2 names]
Sgt. Gene F. Wong [2 names]
Sgt. Albert L. Choy [California]
Pfc. George ?. Lew [4 names]

Group 56

Column 1
Lt. Peter Wong [3 names]
Sgt. Yock G. Young [California]
Cpl. Fong Lam Lum [2 names]
Pfc. Teung S. Soo Hoo [China]

Column 2
Sgt. William W. Louie [California]
Pfc. James L. Lew [might be James Y. Lew]
Cpl. Farn Kwock Yuen [China]
Pvt. John G. Fong [China]

Column 3
Pfc. Ying Lun Wong [China]
Pvt. David W. Lee [2 names]
Pfc. Bak Fong Lee [2 names]
Pfc. Gee K. Yan [probably Gie Kwock Yan,

Column 4
Pfc. Bui Ali Kwong [China]
Pfc. James Lim [3 names]
Pfc. Phillip Lim [?]
Pfc. Mon Y. Yee [might be Mon M. Yee,

Column 5
Cpl. Welling Fung [?]
Pvt. Sidney Kwock [?]
Pfc. Jay K. Chiu [China]
Cpl. James E. Chew [China]

Group 57

Column 1
Pvt. Chang H. Lee [3 names]
Pfc. Poy H. Lee [China]
Pfc. Fon Gem Chin [California]
Pvt. Hang M. Fong [China]

Column 2
S/Sgt. George Eng [6 names]
Sgt. Bill Lee [China]
A/C Han Wan Teh [?]
Sgt. Denny Chin [?]

Column 3
S/Sgt. Leeman Chan [California]
Pfc. Henry Woo [5 names]
Sgt. H. S. Chin [might be Hoy S. Chin,
   China; or Hing S. Chin, China;
   Hong S. Chin, China]
T/4 David Gee [4 names]

Column 4
Pfc. Jeong Wah Chung [might be
   Wah J. Chung, China]
Cpl. Edward Chew [several names]
Cpl. Shia Shee [?]
Pfc. George W. Chan [California]

Column 5
Sgt. Chew A. Leung [China]
Sgt. Kwock Bon Wong [China]
Cpl. Ngon H. Lew [China]
Pfc. Ming Ying Chow [China]

Group 58

Column 1
Cpl. Gueny T. Louie [?]
Cpl. Willie Chin [Louisiana]
Lee J. Wing [2 names]
Louie Sum Nuan [California]

Column 2
T/4 Gim Wong [several names]
James K. Wong [several names]
T/5 Yee Dock [?]
Cpl. Gilbert W. Woo [China]

Column 3
Pfc. Steve M. W. Jeong [might be
   Moon W. Jeong, China]
S/Sgt. Lee Y. Sheck [China]
Wallace E. Choy [?]
T/5 Ellis Low [?]

Column 4
Cpl. Tommy Woo [?]
Pvt. Lung C. Gon [China]
Lee H. Fat [might be Fat Hai Lee, China]
Pfc. Louis, James S. [Mississippi]

Column 5
T/5 Henry Loo [3 names]
Sgt. Larry Loon [3 names]
Cpl. Harold Wong [several names]
T/Sgt. Harold Y. Lee [2 names]

Group 59

Column 1
T/5 John Y. Lai [Massachusetts]
Pvt. Frank Chew [Arkansas]
Cpl. Wah Kai Eng [4 names]
Cpl. Gang Jue Wong [China]

Column 2
Sgt. Loy Fong [?]
Pfc. Herbert Yee [3 names]
Cpl. Edward T. Chin [California]
Sgt. James Lee [several names]

Column 3
Sgt Mah S. Yuen [?]
Pfc. Kim On Fong [2 names]
T/5 Kwong Don [real name, Dung Kao
   aka Dan Kwong, China, MISLS]
Pfc. Sin Pang [China]

Column 4
Cpl. Hong Dea [?]
T/5 Thomas Kwong [China]
Pvt. Thick Chong Chin [California]
T/5 Wong Han Wai [China]

Column 5
T/5 Chin Chong Hong [2 names]
Pfc. Gorman Fong [?]
Thomas W. Chan [China, 407th Air
   Service Squadron]
Cpl. Frank Chin [several names]

Group 60

Column 1
T/4 Dick Ming Leong [California]
T/Sgt. Fred C. Yen [?]
Pfc. George Oi [Massachusetts]
Sgt. Boy T. Tom [China]

Column 2
Pfc. Show Poy Wong [China]
Sgt. Kim Tam [might be Kim Tom,
Sgt. George Fong [several names]
Cpl. Shue Wing Sing [China]

Column 3
S/Sgt. William Mon [China]
S/Sgt. Hay Wong [3 names]
Cpl. Robert Y. C. Ng [China]
S/Sgt. Soon Q. Yee [China]

Column 4
Pfc. Edward C. Eng [2 names]
Cpl. Ernest L. Hong [California]
S/Sgt. Tong C. Yipp [China]
T/3 Thue P. Lee [China]

Column 5
Cpl. Gin F. Woo [?]
Pfc. Robert Francis Wong [California]
Pvt. Done Sid [China]
Doon Q. Lee [China]

Group 61

Column 1
Cpl. Quay Chin [China]
Pfc. Gene Wong [4 names]
Pvt. Nuey G. Yee [China, 407th Air
   Service Squadron]
Pfc. Harvey G. Lee [?]

Column 2
Charles L. H. Liu [?]
Sgt. F. Young [?]
Sgt. Bok H. Hom [China]
Wing S. Yee [4 names]

Column 3
T/4 Fook Wing Fong [China]
Pfc. Leong Yow [China]
Pfc. Albert F. Chan [?]
Pfc. Chin Chow [3 names]

Column 4
Pfc. Len S. Bing [China]
Pfc. Raymond Don Gong [California]
Cpl. Norman W. Lew [California]
Cpl. Wah G. Chan [California]

Column 5
Pfc. How Fong [2 names]
T/5 Wing Tar Chin [China]
Pfc. William Chow [3 names]
Cpl. W. F. Quon [might be Wah F. Quon,
   China; Wallace F. Quon, China]

Group 62

Column 1
Harry Chin [5 names]
Pfc. Yee Y. Jun [China]
Quan Y. Lim [China]
Pfc. Quon W. Yee [China]

Column 2
Johnson Tong [China]
S/Sgt. Jack T. Lee [4 names]
Sames G. Chan [James G. Chan,
Pvt. Donald P. G. Jue [China]

Column 3
Sgt. Quon W. Bak [China]
Sgt. Norman S. Y. Lee [might be
   Norman F. Lee, California]
George Lee [several names]
Pfc. Tom D. Amer [California]

Column 4
Sgt. Tsai Ming Sing [China]
Hing F. Lee [China]
Pvt. Kwock W. Ho [?]
Leung Chow Quong [might be
   Quong D. Leung, China]

Column 5
Hong G. Quon [China]
Chew K. Wong [California]
2nd lt. Edwin Chang [3 names]
Cpl. Walter Wong [several names]

Group 63

Column 1
Pfc. G. Lee [China]
Hong Dere [China]
Pfc. Raymond L. Lowe [4 names]
Pfc. Raymond Dong [China]

Column 2
Cpl. Raymond L. Yee [Pennsylvania]
Sgt. Gin Sick Goon [China]
Pfc. Lee D. Leong [2 names]
Cpl. Skipper Kim Yee [might be
   Kim S. Lee, China]

Column 3
Pfc. Joe Wong [several names]
T/Sgt. Gilbert W. Ong [California]
Pfc. Johnny Low Leong [might be
   Johnny L. Low, China]
1st Lt. Frederick H. Hong [Idaho]

Column 4
S/Sgt. Harry F. Tom [China]
Pfc. Bing Sun Hom [5 names]
Cpl. Same Y. Gee [South Dakota]
Sgt. Raymond Hing [China]

Column 5
Dung S. Goo [China]
Johnny C. Lee
Pfc. Fook J. Lew [China]
Pfc. George Leong [several names]

Group 64

Column 1
Cpl. Dea On [?]
Sgt. Harold Tom [2 names]
Pvt. Hong C. Yee [China]
Pfc. Fook T. Lee [China]

Column 2
Pvt. Wong Y. Wong [?]
H. K. Chong [?]
Pfc. Git H. Wong [China]
Pfc. Fred Ming Gok [?]

Column 3
David Chin [5 names]
Sgt. Bew Yock Wong [China]
Fook O. Loo [China]
Jimmy King [might be James. H. King,

Column 4
Sgt. Wing Wong [several names]
S/Sgt. Fung Wong [China]
Thack J. Louie [China]
Pvt. Chong H. Louie [China]

Column 5
S/Sgt. Lloyd Jang [China]
Pfc. Sid Gim [China]
T/4 William Hong Wong [3 names]
Sgt. ?. Sue [?]

Group 65

Column 1
T/4 Mar Sun Quong [China]
Kee Tak Jung [China]
Pfc. Wo K. Ng [?]
Cpl. Larry Eng [might be Larry Ng, China]

Column 2
T/5 George W. Jung [4 names]
Pfc. Eugene J. Fong [?]
Sen T. Yuen [China]
Pfc. You Q. Louie [China]

Column 3
Cpl. Jame G. Jay [China, 407th Air
   Service Squadron]
Hong H. Lee [3 names]
Pfc. Hin Bing Soon [China]
Long Jung Yee [2 names]

Column 4
Dai Jung [might be Dai E. Jang or
   5 names]
Cpl. Fook O. Yee [China]
Sgt. Bow Y. Wong [2 names]
Pvt. Sing Fon Quan [China]

Column 5
Pfc. Nelson On Wong [China]
Pfc. Yoot Y. Jue [probably Yoot Y. Jew, China]
Cpl. Eddie Kwock [California]
Nan Jew [China]

Group 66

Column 1
Pfc. Do Seung Woo [China]
Pvt. Bock H. Jung [China]
Juong Lim [?]
T/5 Harry C. Hong [California]

Column 2
Pfc. Yan L. Wong [might be Nay L. Yan,
   California; Yan L. Tong, Hawaii] 
Paul Wing [China]
Thomas F. Jong [China]
Cpl. Thomas K. Kwong [China]

Column 3
Pvt. Shun S. Moy [?]
Pfc. Soon Lew [China]
Sgt. Hoy Soon Louie [California]
Pvt. Gok Long Mook [?]

Column 4
Hoy Kay Leong [China]
Pvt. Edward C. Fong [3 names]
T/5 Hong Wee Fong [China]
Sgt. Paul C. Gee [California]

Column 5
Cpl. George S. Tom [2 names]
Pfc. Eugene Dai Jung [?]
Pfc. Wai B. Low [China]
Pfc. Douglas Fornay Lee [?]

Group 67

Column 1
Fay M. Wong [?]
T. M. Lee CK1/c [?]
G. G. Mar [?]
Dick Wong MM3/c [?]

Column 2
Ng Shuck Yee [?]
Sgt. Mang M. Quan [?]
Pvt. Harry [?]
Yo Fung S2/c [?]

Column 3
Pvt. J. D. Tape [China]
Pvt. James S. Pon [?]
T/5 Durk Thet Tse [China]
Pfc. Raymond Hee Hang [probably
   Raymond H. Hong, China]

Column 4
Harry Hung [?]
Cpl. Ned T. Chune [China]
Pfc. Paul W. Y. Fong [2 names]
Chin M. Sing [China]

Column 5
Chuck M. Wong [?]
Ngong Lee [?]
San Bak Wong SC3/c [?]
Wilbert Chinn S1/c [?]

Group 68

Column 1
Pfc. Dea B. Hom [?]
Sgt. Hay D. Chin [China]
Choy Chuan Shing [?]
Pfc. Chin W. Fong [2 names]

Column 2
Edward Chan RT3/c [?]
Pfc. Harold J. Lee [Oregon]
Pvt. Thomas L. Lew [China]
Daniel Garbean Dand [?]

Column 3
Pfc. Harry Low [3 names]
T/5 George Orland Soo Hoo [California]
Lt. David W. Yee [California]
T/5 James Tai Yen Yee [might be
   James A. Y. Yee, Hawaii]

Column 4
Pfc. David Wong [several names]
Pvt. Koon T. Leung [China]
Lock Low Choy STD1/c [?]
1st Lt. William King [?]

Column 5
Pfc. Ng Ngow Yong [?]
Pfc. Wing D. Tom [China]
Pvt. Gai Quan [?]
Cpl. George H. Wong [4 names]

Group 69

Column 1
Sgt. Harold S. Lum [?]
Pfc. Jack Mun Low [?]
T/Sgt. Mon S. Fong [China]
T/4 Lawrence F. K. Lee [5 names]

Column 2
Sgt. Bo Lew [China]
2nd Lt. Theodore Lloyd Chung [?]
Pfc. Sen Suey Lau [?]
Pfc. Gauck G. Lee [?]

Column 3
T/5 Robert Haw [California]
Pfc. Ark Poy Lee [China]
Capt. Chester Fong [?]
Sgt. Kim Huey [China]

Column 4
T/5 Ham W. Lew [California]
Pfc. Dick M. Hom [China]
Sgt. Yat C. Louie [China]
Pfc. James Dit Lum [China]

Column 5
B. Choy [?]
Richard Hom [?]
Pvt. James L. Moy [3 names]
Pvt. Ben Guey Ng [China]

Group 70

Column 1
Cpl. Chin C. Lim [might be
   Chin J. Lim, China]
Cpl. Gim Yook Lew [?]
Pfc. Wee S. Leong [3 names]
Pvt. Tim Wong [China]
Gee Jim Teung [?]

Column 2
Pfc. Kow H. Lee [China]
Cpl. Jan F. Lew [?]
Albert Jang [China]
T/5 Hai F. Wong [China]
Jeung Wong [China]

Column 3
Pfc. Hing Wong [several names]
Pfc. Frank F. Cheung [?]
Cpl. James Ow [2 names]
Sgt. Kimg P. Fong [?]
T/5 Kai C. Woo [Michigan]

Column 4
Cpl. Kim M. Wong [China]
Pfc. Yet H. Wong [might be
   Yue H. Wong, China]
Toy Wah Hong St 2/c [?]
Jeong N. Chun [China]
Cpl. Wong N. On [China]

Column 5
Fook Hing Young [China]
Pvt. Young Wah Yuen [?]
Pfc. Albert S. Woo [2 names]
Lem K. Soo Hoo [China]
Cpl. Gim C. Woo [might be
   Gim L. Woo, China]

Group 71

Column 1
Sgt. Din Lew [China]
Hong S. Suey [?]
Pvt. Wing Wong [several names]
Cpl. Tsee W. Mark [China]

Column 2
Pfc. Goon L. Chin [4 names]
Sgt. William Fong [5 names]
Fong M. Wong [China]
Cpl. Thomas D. Wong [several names]

Column 3
Cpl. Harry L. Tong [might be Harry W. Tong,
   South Dakota]
Joe O. Teung [Tennessee]
Pfc. Yuen Tai Wong [might be Tai Y. Wong,
Chung Gee Shung PTRV3/c [?]

Column 4
Joe Yee [several names]
T/4 Paul G. Poon [California]
T/4 Tom Fong [3 names]
Len Ock Hong S1/c [?]

Column 5
Cpl. Bill Pong [might be William Pong,
   California; William P. Pong, Massachusetts]
Pfc. Jim Der [China]
T. Wah [4 names]
Sing Nom Lau MM3/c [?]

Group 72

Column 1
Cpl. Eugin Chin [might be Eugene H. Chin,
Pvt. Wallace Leong [2 names]
Pfc. Lee G. Lum [4 names]
Pvt. Bark W. Toy [China]
Sgt. H. H. Gee [might be Hung H. Gee,

Column 2
Pfc. Sun G. Low [2 names]
Pfc. Gin Lee [3 names]
Pfc. William Ong [4 names]
Pvt. Theodore S. Wong [?]
T/4 Milton Moy [Illinois]

Column 3
Sgt. Chong Lum [4 names]
Jack Y. Wong S1/c [?]
Sgt. Chester Yee [3 names]
Pfc. William Shue [?]
Pfc. Henry Mark [California]

Column 4
S/Sgt. Harry F. Gonn [Washington]
Cpl. Henry S. Wong [5 names]
Pfc. Wing Sue [2 names]
Pfc. Wat Lee [?]
Sgt. Key Nung Gee [China]

Column 5
Cpl. Herman Holmes Chow [California]
Pfc. Bak O. Fong [China]
Pfc. Frederick P. Fung [?]
Cpl. Harry Au Kau [?]
Pfc. Yan T. Leong [California]

Group 73

Column 1
Pfc. Soon H. Louie [China]
T/4 Kai Chew Chin [China]
Pfc. Luey C. Tom [California]
Pfc. Shee Y. Louie [China]
Pvt. Barry Eng [Massachusetts]

Column 2
T/4 Bennie Hung Toy [China]
Pfc. Bing T. Jeung [?]
T/5 Yet Hom Jew [China]
Sgt. Jung S. Sin [China]
Sgt. Ting Wong [5 names]

Column 3
T/Sgt. Harry Jue [?]
Pfc. Hop W. Pon [China]
Cpl. Alyse Hong [?]
Kwong Suey Wong [California]
Sgt. Kac Lew [?]

Column 4
Pvt. W. Koon Ng [China]
Sgt. Chinn Jung [China]
Sgt. Tsue See [?]
S/Sgt. Wah Gim Lum [?]
Cpl. Wallace H. Wong [Illinois]

Column 5
Pfc. Yuck S. Tom [China]
Sgt. Nguey J. Woo [?]
Sgt. Sue Lee [2 names]
Pvt. Or S. Jin [China]
Cpl. Dock Yee [?]

Group 74

Column 1
Pvt. Nam Chan [2 names]
Foo Gim Lee [China]
Cpl. Lee Suey Tong [might be Suey T Lee,
Cpl. Lue Fong [China]

Column 2
T/Sgt. Edwin Howe Chew [?]
Pfc. Paul Lum [2 names]
Pall Y. Wong RT1/c [?]
Pfc. Roy K. Lew [China]

Column 3
Pfc. Joy W. Quon [?]
S/Sgt. Thomas Wing Louie [China]
Lt. Howard Wong [several names]
Pfc. Henry Fong [several names]

Column 4
Pfc. Sen Eye Wong [China]
Sgt. Edward Ah Yee [3 names]
T/5 Nguw Hong Chin [China]
Pfc. Pong Ling Wong [Washington, DC]

Column 5
Pvt. Ming K. Wong [2 names]
Pfc. Ling F. Yee [China]
Pfc. Lewis Gimhen Lee [China]
Cpl. H. P. Goo [might be Hoy P. Goo,

Group 75

Column 1
Dan Lo Quan SOM3/c [?]
Sam Yan Lee CK1/2 [?]
John Chow [?]
Sgt. Goo Hoy Hung [China]

Column 2
Cpl. Daniel H. Louie [?]
Cpl. Jimmy Fay Chung [California]
Cpl. Seung M. Wong [China]
Dong H. Fong [?]

Column 3
Pvt. Frank Wong [several names]
Cpl. Edward Dong [?]
Sgt. Wing Lun Yee [several names]
Song Wing Gee [China]

Column 4
Pfc. Howard How [China]
Pfc. Frederick Q. Wong [?]
Sgt. Ho M. Wah [China]
T/4 Wah Gee Wong [China]

Column 5
Pfc. Ying N. Young [China]
T/5 Charles Kai Chinn [?]
Pfc. Raymond Mar Lee [?]
Sgt. Harry Chone Lim [?]

Group 76

Column 1
Pvt. Chin W. Chun [?]
Yee Kim Hong Cox [?]
no name [China]
Cpl. Gee Cahn Check [China]

Column 2
N. C Louie SFD1/c [?]
Pfc. Yick Tee [?]
Yung Ark Chin [?]
Pfc. Tai F. Leong [probably Tai F. Leung, China]

Column 3
Jen Sien Jung [?]
Pfc. Yuey Wing Hoo [China]
Lloyd Yuen Quock CM3/c [?]
Sgt. Dan S. Wong [?]

Column 4
Ark Y. Ching STD2/c [?]
Sgt. Joe Young [China]
no name [China]
T/Sgt. Gin T. Chin [might be Gin F. Chin, China]

Column 5
Pfc. Robert Gor [?]
Albert A. Lim [?]
Pfc. Charles [China]
no name [China]

Group 77

Column 1
Pfc. Leong Yew Sheung [China]
Pfc. Yuksue Soo Hoo [China]
Sgt. Sing Y. Wong [China]
Tow Thew [China]

Column 2
Pfc. Dale F. Yee [China]
Cpl. Bill L. Wong [China]
Walter Bing Wong Ptr 3/c [?]
Walter Phillip Lee [several names]

Column 3
Cpl. Man S. Yee [?]
Cpl. Ching Ginn [China]
Chong W. Wong [China]
Pvt. Bok L. Gim [?]

Column 4
Pfc. Bing Gong Won [China]
Cpl. James Wong [several names]
Pfc. Lee Wong [several names]
Sgt. Henry Wong [several names]

Column 5
See Wing Wong SC1/c [?]
Pvt. Sam H. Siu [?]
T/4 Tai Doe Wong [?]
Shang Poy Quon [China]

Group 78

Column 1
Cpl. John Tom [3 names]
Pvt. Mui Big Yuen [?]
George C. Chang [2 names]
Hong Yee [several names]
T/4 Hin P. Lim [probably Him P. Lim,

Column 2
S/Sgt. Lung L. Toy [?]
T/4 Mee Ton SooHoo [China]
S/Sgt. Henry S. Yee [?]
Cpl. Kerny Fut Chan [might be
   Henry Chan, 4 names]
S/Sgt. John On [California]

Column 3
T/3 Bing G. Yee [2 names]
T/4 Frank Wong [several names]
Pvt. Chok Low [?]
Pfc. Tow S. Lew [China]
Pfc. Hang C. Cheung [China]

Column 4
Cpl. Chang H. Mow [?]
Pvt. Thomas H. Mar [?]
T/4 Qwock Doon Lee [?]
Cpl. Dun Kai Ng [?]
T/5 Sam Leung [China]

Column 5
Cpl. Bill Chung [China]
Pfc. Wong You [several names]
T/Sgt. Wallace Yee Hong [Massachusetts]
Cpl. William Eng [several names]
Pfc. Tuck Chung Lee [?]

Group 79

Column 1
Frank H. Wah S1/c [?]
Cpl. Gon B. Gong [China]
T/4 Morgan F. Lee [Oregon]
Pvt. Kenny W. Chan [might be
   Kenneth N. Chan, China]
Cpl. Kingland L. Suen [California]

Column 2
Ock Chew Wong [?]
Cpl. Sam Wong [4 names]
Cpl. Henry K. Quan [China]
T/Sgt. Lawrence S. Fong [China; 407th Air
   Service Squadron]
Cpl. Louie G. Quong [2 names]

Column 3
Sgt. Anthony Joseph Wong [Pennsylvania]
Cpl. Carl P. Fong [?]
Sgt. Philip Wong [3 names]
Pfc. Roger Leonard Chung [?]
Harry Leong [several names]

Column 4
Pvt. George Choy [3 names]
Lee Yuen [4 names]
Hoy Lim Wong [China]
T/5 Joseph M. Choy [China]
Sgt. Albert Kai Wong [China]

Column 5
Cpl. Ngin Y. Yee [2 names]
Pfc. Lincoln On [?]
1st Lt. William C. Chin [might be
   William S. Chin, China]
W. M. Leong [?]
Cpl. William Fun Chan [California]

Group 80

Column 1
Sang S. Way [?]
Cpl. Francis Gang Wong [?]
Sgt. Dung Fung S. Goo [China]
Suey W. Lee [2 names]
Sgt. Joe P. Wong [probably Joe K. P. Wong,

Column 2
Griffith Sake [might be Griffith W. Loke,
You B. Yee [China]
Jerry Chew [China; 407th Air Service
Pfc. Joe Yuen [3 names]
T/4 John G. Yee [2 names]

Column 3
Pfc. C. O. Leung [might be Chin O. Leung,
Shear Low S1/c [?]
George Harry Wong SC3/c [?]
M. F. Lee F1/c [?]
Cpl. Kenneth Wong [several names]

Column 4
T/5 Yip D. Wing [China]
Charles Yee [3 names]
Pvt. Sam O. Sam [?]
John Dave Mock A/c [?]
Pfc. Joe Yuen [3 names]

Column 5
T/5 Thyn G. Wong [China]
T/4 Wilson M. Shee [?]
Pfc. Hew Hom [?]
Cpl. Don L. Chew [China]
Pfc. Hayward Wong [?]

Group 81

Column 1
Pfc. Hee Quan [China]
T/Sgt. Ned K. Owyang [Dutch East Indies]
Pfc. Chew Boo Wong [might be Boo O. Wong
   or 5 names]
Pfc. Jim Yee [2 names]
T/5 Sow San Shew [China]

Column 2
Sgt. George F. Yuen [China]
Pfc. John Pong [China]
T/4 Frank K. Ko [?]
T/4 David Young [5 names]
M/Sgt. Frank H. Lee [California]

Column 3
Pvt. Wallace N. Kwan [China]
Arnold N. Lee S1/c [China]
T/5 Jimmie L. Gee [California]
Sgt. Willie Mark [California]
Cpl. Edward Goon Kee [Massachusetts]

Column 4
Cpl. Henry Fong [several names]
1st Lt. George Y. Chin [Nebraska]
Cpl. Willie Siu [California]
Cpl. Wing Lan Luk [China]
S/Sgt. Chung C. Ng [might be Ng G. Chung,

Column 5
Pfc. Edwin Bert Yip [California]
A/C David T. Mock? [?]
Pfc. Ton Wing Yee [China]
M/Sgt. Floyd Sam [California]
Sgt. Bing F. Wong [China]

Group 82

Column 1
Pvt. Milton Lee [2 names]
Sgt. Paul G. Poon [California]
P. Chan [?]
2nd Lt. Tsai Feng Chun [?]

Column 2
Pvt. Ed Fong [California]
Pfc. Harry A. Gee [2 names]
Kue G. Lee [?]
T/4 Tom Fong [3 names]

Column 3
Pvt. Lem J. Way [China]
Cpl. Judge Woo [?]
Chew Ho Ng [?]
Quan Ho Yuen [China]

Column 4
Pvt. Ying S. Woo [China]
Pfc. Young Wing Do [China]
Pfc. Guy Moy [?]
Pfc. K. Suey [?]

Column 5
Pvt. Gum S. Gee [China]
S/Sgt. Mah S. Yuey [might be Mar S. Yuey,
S/Sgt. Teddy Moy [California]
S/Sgt. Gang W. Ng [China]

Group 83

Column 1
Lee Yin [2 names]
Pvt. Ronald Gee [?]
Pfc. John Chin [several names]
Cpl. Don S. Chin [China]

Column 2
Bing M. Quan [China]
Pfc. Hall S. Huey [China]
Cpl. Richard Quey [Iowa]
Pfc. Yit H. Wong [2 names]

Column 3
Pfc. Chew Cahoone Yurn [?]
Pfc. Kong F. Lum [China]
S/Sgt. Washington Sycip [?]
Pfc. Theodor Lee [might be Theodore Lee
   or Theodore W. Lee]

Column 4
Lt. Eddie Chong [California]
How Fong [2 names]
S/Sgt. George [Y.] Lee [California]
Wayne Lew GM3/c [?]

Column 5
Pfc. David Chong [3 names]
Bill Fong [several names]
Sgt. Suey T. Lee [China]
no name

Group 84

Column 1
T/4 Poy C. Eng [China]
Charlie Wah [China]
Sgt. Henry [China]
T/5 Raymond Gee [2 names]

Column 2
Sgt. William P. Eng [China]
Cpl. Louie Ong [?]
Pfc. Jimmie Fong [Louisiana]
Pvt. Roland C. Sin [California]

Column 3
Pfc. Peter Lim [China]
Sgt. Jimmie Soo [probably James Soo,
Harold Ong S1/c [China]
T/5 Ernest Fong [China]
Pvt. Gene Fong [California]

Column 4
Walter Lew [China]
Cpl. Sheow K. Chow [South Dakota]
Sgt. Ronald Ong [California]
T/4 George Y. Wong [2 names]

Column 5
John Lew [China]
Sgt. Sue K. Lee [?]
Cpl. Yow King Gee [China]
Pfc. Goon L. Chin [4 names]

Group 85

Column 1
Lee Han Ming [?]
Capt. Lau Qway Sing [?]
Pfc. Donald L. Fong [?]

Column 2
Chan Yee Bon [?]

Column 3
Gum Yee Jung [?]
no name
no name

Column 4
Lee Chang Yur [?]

Column 5
Pvt. Jew Tom [2 names]
S/Sgt. Gilbert M. Fong [California]
Pfc. Lee Gum Ngun [?]


  1. Hi there - I was wondering if you had another source of where I can purchase The Memoir, 1947 book? Thanks.

  2. I've seen two copies of this book and both were on eBay. The last one sold for over $600. You can search Abebooks, Powells and other online booksellers.

  3. Hi Alex - thanks so much for this! For the record, I have a copy of this book in hand right now with an ownership inscription: "Property of s/sgt Johnny C. Lee," with his photo signed in blue pen "Johnny C. Lee." You can probably confirm that the Johnny Lee you were unsure about is the second name you suggest.


  5. Pleased to find my grandfather amongst this group! Now to try and an actual copy of this book!