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Flower Drum Song, November 1958

A Broadway musical was based on C.Y. Lee’s
1957 novel, The Flower Drum Song. Before
the Broadway opening there was a tryout run
at Boston’s Shubert Theatre in October 1958.
The run continued into November and, at some
point, Larry Blyden replaced Larry Storch in
the role of Sammy Fong.

On Stage
November 17, 1958

(In Order of Appearance)
Juanita Hall as Madam Liang
Rose Quong as Liu Ma
Patrick Adiarte as Wang San
Ed Kenney as Wang Ta
Keye Luke as Wang Chi Yang
Larry Blyden as Sammy Fong
Conrad Yama as Dr. Li
Miyoshi Umeki as Mei-Li
Pat Suzuki as Linda Low
Harry Shaw Lowe as Mr. Lung the tailor
Jon Lee as Mr. Huan
Arabella Hong as Helen Chao
Peter Chan as Professor Cheng
Jack Soo as Frankie Wing
Anita Ellis as Night Club Singer
Chao Li as Dr. Lu Fong
Eileen Nakamura as Madam Fong

Fumi Akimoto
Paula Chin
Helen Funai
Pat Griffith
Mary Huge
Marion Jim
Betty Kawamura
Baayork Lee
Wonci Lui
Jo Anne Miya
Denise Qual
Vicki Racimo
Shawnee Smith
Maureen Tiongco
Mabel Wing

Jose Ahumada
Victor Duntiere
George Li
David Lober
Robert Lorca
George Minami
David Toguri
George Young

Linda and Yvonne Ribuca
Susan Lynn
Luis Robert Hernandez

Meanwhile, in New York City, publicity
for Flower Drum Song was underway.

November 22, 1958

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