Friday, October 27, 2017

Flower Drum Song in The Saturday Evening Post

The Saturday Evening Post
July 25, 1959

Ladies’ Home Journal ran a full-page advertisement
featuring Pat Suzuki outside the Shubert Theatre in
Boston. As it turned out, the photographer would
become her husband as explained in the August 1961
issue of Ladies’ Home Journal (below).

Ladies’ Home Journal
August 1961
page 3: Mark Shaw, photographer for The Kennedys 
on Vacation (cover and page 32), met his wife while 
on a Journal assignment in 1958. Mrs. Shaw is the 
vivacious Pat Suzuki, who rose to stardom in Flower 
Drum Song. “In fact,” says Mark, “I met her the very 
day the show opened in Boston. I was shooting a 
picture of Pat for a Journal ad, using the title of her 
hit song from the show, “I Enjoy Being a Girl.” 
Evidently Mark enjoyed it too. They have  nine-month-
old son, David—“who was born just about the time 
John F. Kennedy Jr. arrived in the world.”

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