Friday, May 1, 2015

Views from Asian California, 1920-1965

An Illustrated History by Michael Brown
1992 (self-published)

A private collection of artwork by artists of Chinese and Japanese descent in California. Below is a list of the Chinese American artists, most of whom are represented by artwork. Dates are from the book.

Eva Fong Chan (1897–1991), profile
Wah Ming Chang (1917– ), profile, two wood block prints, etching, and pastel drawing
George Chann (1915– ), profile and three oil paintings
David Paul Chun (1899– ), profile one woodcut and two lithographs
Yun Gee (1906–1963), profile
Hon-Chew Hee (1905– ), profile and two oil paintings
Dong Kingman (1911– ), profile and two watercolors
John Kwok (1920–1983), profile
Chee Chin S. Cheung Lee (1896– ), profile, watercolor and oil painting
Jake Lee (1915–1992), profile and watercolor
Peter Lowe (1913–1990), profile
Keye Luke (1911–1991), profile
Wing Kwong-Tse (1902– ), profile and watercolor
Nanying Stella Wong (1914– ), profile
Tyrus Wong (1910– ), profile
Gary Woo (1928– ), profile and oil painting
Jade Fon Woo (1911–1893), profile and two watercolors
Ling-fu Yang (1889–1978), profile
Richard Yip (1919–1981), profile and two watercolors
Lai Yong (1840–?), profile
John Chin Young (1909– ), profile and watercolor
Si Chen Yuan (1911–1974), profile and oil painting

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