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Pardee Lowe’s Father and Glorious Descendant

George Cooper Pardee Lowe / Low Yay Chong
September 9, 1904 – September 24, 1996
(California Death Index and
Department of Veteran Affairs date)
September 21, 1996 (Social Security date)

918 Seventh Street, Oakland, California
Yuen Low Fat, father
Ho Yip, mother
Mabel Low, daughter
Pardee Low, son
Alice Low, daughter
Helen Low, daughter
Young Hip, boarder

The San Francisco Call
March 9, 1913
Lads Christened Fourth of March

Oakland Tribune
July 11, 1917
“Boy Scouts Make Good in Berrypicking”
...The following are the boys who have
made good at their respective camps:
Camp Maddux—...Pardee Low...

Oakland Tribune
May 24, 1918
“Nine Hundred Graduate from Eighth Grade”
Oakland’s Younger Generation Makes Bow
...Pardee Low...

918 Seventh Street, Oakland, California
Yuen F Low, father
Hoey Low, mother
Mabel Low, daughter
Pardee Low, son
Alice Low, daughter
Helen Low, daughter
Wilson Low, son
Marshall Low, son

Oakland Tribune
April 7, 1921
“Oakland and Berkeley Schools to Debate”
...The Oakland team will include Pardee Lowe...

Oakland Tribune
April 9, 1921
“High School Teams Win Debate Contest”
...Pardee Low and John Truman, from
Oakland, were awarded the decisions....

June 1922
Pardee Lowe photograph

Oakland Tribune
April 30, 1925
“YMCA to Debate Value of Education”
...The team is as follows: ...Pardee Lowe...

Oakland Tribune
September 4, 1927
“‘Y’ Men to Give Program at Church”
...Pardee Low, speakers....

907 Jackson Street, San Francisco, California
Yuen Low Fat, father
Mary Low Fat, mother
Pardee Low Fat, son
Helen Low Fat, daughter
Wilson Low Fat, son
Samuel Lee, cousin

JUNE 1930
Standford University graduate

Boston, 2500/9163
New York, 150 250
San Francisco, 12016/4947

June 3, 1931 Interview

Pardee Lowe
S.S. Albert Ballin
departed from Hamburg, Germany, September 17, 1931
arrived in New York, New York, September 25, 1931

Oakland Tribune
March 25, 1933
“Reception to Chinese Set”
Dr. Pardee Lowe, formerly of Oakland and now field research
investigator in sociology for Stanford University, will speak
at Centennial Presbyterian Church, Twenty-fourth Avenue
and Foothill Boulevard, tomorrow evening. His theme will
be “World Fellowship and Manchuria.”...

Oakland Tribune
June 23, 1933
“Legions Post Will Hear Talk on China”
Highlights of the Manchurian crisis, from the Chinese point
of view, will be discussed by Pardee Low, Stanford graduate
and lecturer, at the Oakland Veterans’ Memorial Building...

Oakland Tribune
June 29, 1933
“Japan Can’t Settle Manchuria, Claim”
Having won room for colonization in Manchuria, Japan
today can not persuade colonists to take possession of it,
because of the climate. This was the opinion advanced
last night by Pardee Low, American born Chinese, before
members of the Lake Merritt Post of the American Legion....

Oakland Tribune
April 7, 1934
“Glenn Frank Will Speak at College”
International Week to Be Observed
Next Week at Stockton Institution
...Other speakers during the week will be...Pardee Low, former
member of the speakers’ bureau of the Chinese legation....

From page vii of Father and Glorious Descendant:
“Some of this material appeared in, and is reprinted
through the courtesy of, Asia, Atlantic Monthly,
Survey Graphic, and Yale Review.”

Survey Graphic
February 1936
Chinatown’s Last Stand

January 1937
“Mixed Marriage”

February 1937
“The Good Life in Chinatown”

Fresno Bee Republican
October 7, 1937
“Chinese Opera Is Planned Sunday”
...A discussion of the question, Can China Win? by Dr.
Pardee Lowe of Stanford University, assistant to the
unofficial Chinese representatives to America, will
precede the operetta. Dr. Lowe, a contributor to the
Atlantic Monthly and Asia, is preparing a paper on the
Oriental situation for the Institute of Pacific Relations....

Fresno Bee Republican
October 10, 1937

Fresno Bee Republican
October 11, 1937
“China Aide Predicts Japan to Declare War, Close Port”
“The Japanese soon will formally declare war and obtain
the belligerent right to close the last Chinese port remaining
open, the British colony at Hongkong.” This was the prediction
of Dr. Pardee Lowe of Stanford University, assistant to the
unofficial Chinese representatives to America, who discussed
the topic, Can China Win? last night at the White Theater....

Yale Review
Autumn 1938
“Letters of Hawk Sung”
Lowe’s translation of letters

The Atlantic Monthly
December 1938
“Father’s Robes of Immortality”
The Contributors’ Column
Pardee Lowe (p. 785) is a Chinese-American of the second
generation. After graduating from the Harvard School of
Business Administration, he devoted himself to a sociological
study of the Chinese in California. His researches have led
him through fascinating byways of the old Barbary Coast in
San Francisco, where he is to-day a familiar and welcome figure.

Oakland Tribune
April 11, 1939
“Army Reserve Women to Meet”
...Pardee Lowe, a Chinese writer and lecturer, will be the guest
of honor and special speaker. His subject will be “The Pacific
House—the Spirit of an Exposition.”...

500 Riverside Drive, New York, New York
Pardee Lowe

Glen Ridge, New Jersey
Charles L. Bailey (Lowe’s father-in-law)
Margaret Bailey (Lowe’s mother-in-law)
Louisa Lowe (Lowe’s wife)
Pardee Lowe (Lowe’s son)

Pardee Lowe
July 24, 1942, enlistment date
Fort Jay, Governors Island,
New York, New York
height: 66 inches
weight: 128 pounds

Father and Glorious Descendant
Little, Brown and Company, 1943
dust jacket missing

Father and Glorious Descendant
Armed Services Edition

The New York Times
April 11, 1943
“Son and Illustrious Parent”
Father and Glorious Descendant
reviewed by Helena Kuo

The New York Times
October 2, 1943
“Hayes Committee Names 100 Books”
Fall List of the Publications Recommended
by Catholic Group Is Announced
Father and Glorious Descendant
by Pardee Lowe (Little, Brown)

Pardee Lowe and Louisa Hope Bailey divorce

Pardee Lowe and Anita Ting
January 25, 1948
Park Hotel, Shanghai, China

Online Archive of California
Pardee Lowe profile
“Register of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation
Administration. China Office. Records, 1943-1948”
On the right, under the heading Table of Contents,
click Historical Note. Scroll down to next to last
paragraph which mentions Lowe in the second line.

Asian American Autobiographers
Guiyou Huang, Editor
Greenwood Press, 2001
Pardee Lowe

Chinese American Voices
Judy Yung, Gordon H. Chang, H. Mark Lai
University of California Press, 2006

Historical Dictionary of Asian American
Literature and Theater
Wenying Xu
Scarecrow Press, 2012
Pardee Lowe


  1. Hi Alex,
    I just discovered your fascinating blog, and am enjoying learning about these relatively unknown artists.

    You might be interested in a completely unknown artist from Maine: I Nee Lee (or Yu Fangli, in Mandarin 余芳禮) who was from Gaoyang in Taishan, Guangdong. He was a launderer in Camden, Maine in the late 1910s and later moved to Bangor, Maine. There was an article about him on 9/25/14 in Camden's newspaper "The Free Press":

    I have some additional primary source materials from the Camden-Rockport Historical Society, if you are interested.

  2. Hi Ankeney,
    Thanks for your interest. You're the second person to tell me about I Nee Lee. I'm interested in the material you have from the historical society. You can contact me here: apaontv (at) aol (dot) com