Saturday, June 22, 2013

Watson Lim in Chicago

The Chinese in Chicago: The First One Hundred Years 1870-1970
Susan Lee Moy
University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1978

...The only museum in Chinatown is the Ling Long Museum located at 2238 S. Wentworth Avenue. The entire building was built in 1930 by the Moy Family Association of Chicago. The museum, however, does not belong to the organization but is leased to its proprietors. The concept of a Chinese museum was developed by several local residents in Chicago. This group of men commissioned Mr. Watson Lim, a famous, competent Chinese artist from Canton, to reproduce China's history in miniature diaramas [sic]. He did the work exclusively by hand in wood….

Thirty-ninth Annual Exhibition by Artists of Chicago and Vicinity
January 31 to March 10, Nineteen Hundred Thirty-five
The Art Institute of Chicago
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Watson Lim
119: Street’s Art Seller

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