Friday, June 21, 2013

Chinese Artists Club

San Diego Union 
July 29, 1929 
Chinese Artists Have Creditable First Exhibition 
Bay City Hangings Show Versatile Work of Orientals in Modernistic Field. 

Four Chinese artists, Sam Wong, C.J. Lee, Howard Louie and Watson Lim, are represented in the first exhibition held by the Chinese Artists’ club this month in the Chinese high school building, on Stockton street, San Francisco.

Paintings, drawings and studies in various mediums are included in the showing of these young artists, all of whom have studied at the California School of Fine Arts.

Wong is represented by 30 canvases besides his drawings and other studies. He uses color in the modern manner, makes a bid for serious consideration with good drawing and freshly conceived design.

Watson Lim’s work shows a strong Oriental cast with little influence from his Occidental training.

Lee contributes a portrait of the commander-in-chief of the Chinese armies, Chiang Kai Shek, which occupies a place of honor, and Louie shows creditable landscapes of the Monterey coast.

(Next post June 22: Watson Lim in Chicago)

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