Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ah Sin and Baseball

Bismarck Tribune
(North Dakota)
June 20, 1889

Tener and Anson.
Faithfully Depicted by a Chinese Artist from Boston.

The Chinese artist of The Boston Globe, Ah Sin, has been getting in his work
on the baseball grounds in Boston. During the recent game between the
Bostons and Chicagos he succeeded in getting an excellent likeness of Baby
Anson, which every one who knows the famous player will immediately
recognize. Indeed, it is hardly necessary to call attention to that peculiar
gracefulness of poise which is all Anson’s and which the artist has so faithfully
pictured. But perhaps his best piece of work was in sketching Tener, Chicago’s
pitcher. The fine eye for perspective which so highly developed in a Celestial
artist is here brought into full play. Undoubtably Messrs. Anson and Tener are
very grateful to Ah Sin for sketching them so well, and if they ever meet him in
the distant future they will probably take great pleasure in quietly killing him.

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