Friday, April 26, 2013

Ah Chung

The Springfield Daily Republican
May 15, 1867
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The Californians are having equal rights presented in a shape they do
not quite relish: Ah Chung, a Chinese artist of San Francisco, desiring to 
become an American citizen, recently applied to a court of record in that 
city for the necessary papers. “All free white male citizens” of the age of 
21 years, and upward, are certainly eligible to American citizenship. But 
whether the Mongolian race can justly claim to be classed with white 
citizens is a controverted point on the Pacific slope, and consequently 
Judge Hoffman set counsel to work to study the civil rights bill and the 
law bearing on the case, before granting or rejecting “John’s” application 
to join the great American family.

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