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Chu F. Hing’s Painting of ‘Akaka Falls

In mid-1925 Chu F. Hing and his wife, Helga, traveled from Chicago to San Francisco. From there they sailed to Hawaii and stayed from July 1925 to December 1928. 

A rare look at Hing’s early fine art work is provided by Kalei Hanchett who graciously shared the following photographs of Hing’s painting of the spectacular ‘Akaka Falls. The canvas, dated January 3, 1926, measures 17.5 x 23.5 inches / 44.5 x 59.7 centimeters; with a frame 23.5 x 29.5 inches / 59.7 x 75 centimeters. 

The profile of Hing has been updated with a 1944 article about kite-making; 1949 art review; 1950 census; 1960 art review; and an obituary. Click on “About the Artist: Chu F. Hing” below.

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