Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Wylog Fong in The Jewelers’ Circular

Portland, Ore.

A. & C. Feldenheimer, 379 Washington St., have devoted one window this week to a display of moderately-priced watches, with a caption to the effect that school days are close at hand, and it is the duty of parents to teach their children punctuality— therefore “buy your boy or girl a reliable watch.”

The North Bend store of Belding & Bushong combined with Howard Belding’s jewelry establishment, opened recently in their new quarters on Sherman Ave., North Bend, Ore. Howard Belding, who is in charge, has moved his jewelry store from the First National Bank building. The Belding & Bushong department will handle cameras and supplies.

The Little Jewelry and Gift Shop, in the Heilig Theatre building, Portland, Ore., has had an exceedingly interesting display in one of its windows. It consists of a number of pieces of heavy old silver, sterling, originally used about the 16th century in the first Catholic church of Porto Rico. There are the holy water container, incense burner, candlesticks carried by the acolytes, and the wine and water containers of the communion set. Especially interesting is the immense quill pen that was used to sign the marriage register. The entire collection was’ loaned by a lady of the city, and is very valuable, as might be imagined. This shop is also putting on sale some very lovely colored sketches by Wylog Fong, a talented young Chinese artist of the city. These carry the authentic Chinese atmosphere, and the coloring is exceedingly clear and delicate. Noticeable also were some exquisite brooches and laVallieres in the butterfly jewelry—dainty enough for the adornment of fairies.

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