Friday, November 8, 2019

Television: Chinese Working on the Railroad

Some vintage and recent television westerns with Chinese laborers working on the railroad.

The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.
“Pilot” aired August 27, 1994, with James Hong, Chi Muoi Lo, Stuart Quan,

Cimarron City
Chinese Invasion” aired March 21, 1959, with Lisa Lu, James Hong, Spencer Chan, Owen Song

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
”The Train” aired September 24, 1994, with Eric Michael Zee
“Things My Father Never Taught Me” aired February 10, 1995, with Eric Michael Zee
“Hell on Wheels” aired December 9, 1995, with Eric Michael Zee

Have Gun Will Travel
“Hey Boy’s Revenge” aired April 12, 1958, with Kam Tong (Hey Boy), Philip Ahn, Lisa Lu (Hey Girl), Harold Fong, Spencer Chan, Paul King, Owen Song, Walter Soo Hoo

Hell on Wheels
Season 5, 2015–2016

The Iron Horse
“The Dynamite Driver” aired September 19, 1966, with James Hong, William Saito
“Sister Death” aired April 3, 1967, with James Hong

Kung Fu
The Garments of Rage” aired November 8, 1974, with Philip Ahn, James Shigeta, James Hong, Johnny Yune, Jay Jay Jue

Little House on the Prairie
To Live with Fear, Part 2” aired February 21, 1977, with James Shigeta

The Magnificent Seven
Chinatown” aired July 9, 1999, with John Cho, George Kee Cheung, Jim Lau, Kathleen Luong, Tzi Ma, Roland Nip, Arsenio “Sonny” Trinidad

Wanted: Dead or Alive
“Black Belt” aired March 19, 1960, with Robert Kino

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