Friday, November 15, 2019

Television: The Asian Interracial Kiss

Here are some televised interracial kisses between a Caucasian man and Asian woman and an Asian man and Caucasian woman.

Sea Hunt
Proof of Guilt” aired August 16, 1959, with Nobu McCarthy

Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer
Siamese Twinge” aired September 18 1959, with Sondi Sodsai

Adventures in Paradise
“The Big Surf” aired December 5, 1960, with Pilar Seurat

“Dragon at the Door” aired September 26, 1961, with Nobu McCarthy
see the kiss at Brian Camp’s Film and Anime Blog

Naked City
“Without Stick or Sword” aired March 28, 1962, with Pilar Seurat

The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
“The Her Majesty's Voice Affair” aired September 16, 1966, with Victoria Young

I Spy
“The Tiger” aired January 5, 1966, with France Nuyen

The Wild Wild West
“The Night the Dragon Screamed” aired January 14, 1966, with Pilar Seurat

“The Bitter Yen of General Ti” aired February 3, 1967, with Irene Tsu
see the kiss at the Official Peter Brown Fan Site

The Golden Girls
“Vacation” aired November 29, 1986, with Keye Luke

(Updated December 31, 2021; Next post on Friday: Dong Kingman in Famous Artists Schools Advertisements)

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