Friday, April 25, 2014

Tunney Lee

Institute for Asian American Studies
2009 interview

Tunney Lee
MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning

MIT Professor Tunney Lee
Boston Chinatown Master Plan

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

China Planning Network
About Tunney Lee
January 2010 visit

The Concrete Dragon
Thomas J. Campanella, 2011

China Daily USA
Qingming tradition continues in US
April 4, 2012

February 19, 2013
Chinatown Atlas exhibit unveiled at neighborhood reading room

Chinatown Lantern
Boston Chinatown Atlas Exhibit on facebook

February 22, 2013
Boston’s Chinatown shows no sign of demise, scholar says

May 23, 2011
Chinese population expanding in Boston suburbs

November 15, 2013
Asian CDC celebrates reclaiming of Hudson Street

November 20, 2013
2013 ACDC Annual Meeting Looks Forward to One Greenway

Boston Public Library

Harvard Urban Field Service, 1971

Tunney Lee, Alex Jay and Susan Chisen at the
Chinese Historical Society of New England office

Chinese Historical Society of New England

Chinese in Boston: 1870-1965

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