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Kwei Teng Exhibitions in New York

Seattle Daily Times
October 17, 1929
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New York Evening Post
October 19, 1929 

At the Weyhe Gallery finger paintings by Kwei Teng form the current attraction. Writing and painting have always been closely allied in China, in fact, considered identical in early times, because of the ideographic character of Chinese letters. Hence, calligraphy was one of the fine arts, as it still is. But interest in technical accomplishment outstripped that in esthetic content in the later work certain artists of the Northern School (as it did in the parallel development of the Kano School in Japan), so that even painting with finger nails had its vogue because of the technical adroitness requires for its execution. Much of this superficial interest in merely technical means is felt in the paintings of Kwei Teng. Occasionally a personal conception seems especially well served by the swift and casual fluency of the technique, but in general the work makes a negligible impression.

Boston Herald
January 12, 1930
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(Tomorrow: Kwei Teng in China)

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