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Kwei Dun in Seattle Passenger List

Name: Kwei Dun
Gender: Male, Single
Age: 23
Calling or Occupation: Student
Language: English, Chinese
Race/Nationality: Chinese
Last Residence: Shanghai, China
Name and complete address of nearest relative
or friend in country whence alien came:
Dun Tsun, Nan Kao Chiao, Pootung, Shanghai

Purpose of coming to United States:
To study at the University of Washington,
Seattle, Washington
Length of stay: 2 Yrs
Height: 5 feet 6 inches
Complexion: Yel
Hair: Blk
Eyes: Brn
Birthplace: Pootung, Shanghai, China

Ship Name: President Jackson
Port of Departure: Shanghai, China
Departure Date: December 9, 1924
Port of Arrival: Seattle, Washington
Arrival Date: December 23, 1924
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Seattle Daily Times
December 25, 1924

January 23, 1925
To Demonstrate Finger Painting.
Members of the Commonwealth Club at their meeting next Monday evening will be entertained by B. Dun, Chinese finger artist. Mr. Dun will give an illustrated talk and demonstration of his finger painting art. The club meets at Meves Cafeteria at 6 p.m.

March 1, 1925
His English name was Benjamin.

March 6, 1925
Vaudeville to Be Presented by Church Organization.
In the auditorium of the Women’s University Club tomorrow evening the Pep Class of the First Baptist Church will present a vaudeville program, with Salvatore Santaella, pianist and orchestra director, and Mr. K.K. Dun, Chinese finger artist, as the main attractions. The program will open at 8:15 o’clock.

Seattle City Directory 1926
(second column)
Name: Kwei Dunn
Street Address: 4546 15th av NE
Occupation: Student

August 22, 1927

May 18, 1928
Artist Mark Tobey is mentioned.

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