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A Few Details About Seong Moy

Passenger List
October 4, 1931, Hong Kong departure
October 21, 1931, Seattle, Washington arrival
Fook Seong Moy was accompanied by his father’s friend or clansman, Chit Hing Mui. Their designation was 815 Noyes Street, Evanston, Illinois. The passenger list said Seong Moy’s birthplace was Sunning, a county west of Canton/Guangzhou in Guangdong Province. 

1940 United States Census
Seong Moy was recorded as “Fook Sang Moy” who resided at 413 Robert Street, St. Paul, Minnesota.

World War II Draft Card
On February 16, 1942, Seong Moy signed his draft card. His address was 100 West 54th Street, New York, New York. He gave his birth date as October 20, 1921. 

On July 16, 1942, Seong Moy and Mildred Lilian Hotcaveg applied for a New York marriage license in Manhattan. They married two days later. Both resided at 416 4th Avenue, New York, New York. Seong Moy gave his birth date as October 20, 1920.

1950 United States Census
Seong Moy, his second wife, Sui Yung, and daughter, Jacqueline, lived at 507 West 59th Street, New York, New York. He was a freelance fine artist. 

The 1960 Manhattan, New York, City Directory 
Seong Moy’s home at 100 La Salle and studio at 220 West 80th Street. 

Naturalized Citizen
On November 15, 1965, Seong Moy was naturalized. His address was 100 La Salle Street, New York, New York. His birth date was April 12, 1921.

Syracuse University Art Galleries

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