Friday, December 29, 2017

Rosalind Chen

Palette and Pen 1924
The Yearbook of the Massachusetts Normal Art School
page 43: Rosalind Chen
Amoy, China, is our little “breath of the Orient.” She came from St. Mary’s Hall, Shanghai, to study Commercial Design with us. While over here, she is living at the Y.M.C.A. Oh, no! Rosalind is not lonesome. If you want to see a real sunny smile, just ask her about “him.” Her quiet manner and genial speech have won her a picture in our memories, which time itself cannot efface.

Palette and Pen 1925
The Yearbook of the Massachusetts Normal Art School
page 25: Rosalind Chen
This dear little lady from Amoy, China, is our only suggestion of the Orient, and a very sweet one it is. She went to school at St. Mary’s Hall, Shanghai, whence she came to study commercial design with us. Her faithful appliance to her work, and the dexterity with which she handles her problems, should be models of diligence to us all. Her work, too, seems to reflect all the daintiness and liveliness of the little oriental herself. While she is over here she lives at the Y.M.C.A.

Developing Visual Arts Education in the United States: Massachusetts Normal Art School and the Normalization of Creativity
Mary Ann Stankiewicz
Springer, 2016
page 199: …Rosalind Chen came from St. Mary’s Hall, Shanghai, China, to study commercial design….

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