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Lew Shew Hung’s Bock Ngar Chy Company

Warner M. Van Norden
Lee Shew Hung—was born in San Francisco in 1882. At the age of four he was sent home to the land of his forefathers to receive Chinese training. He returned to the United States when he was fifteen, to study in the American schools. His second trip to China was made in 1902. After returning to the United States in 1905 he abandoned further studies in order to take up his father’s business—that of importing and exporting. After the fire and earthquake in San Francisco he opened the Bock Ngar Chy Company, a firm of printers and stationers in that city. Four years ago he came to New York, and was employed for a short time as a bookkeeper. Later he organized the Asia Noodle Company, and became the president and general manager of the firm. Mr. Lee has been President of the Hock San Society and the Lin Sang Society. Address—10 Pell Street.

San Francisco Chronicle
October 9, 1909
A Chinese student wants a position in the city as schoolboy. 
V. B. Bock Ngar Chy, 813 Washington st., city.

The Chinese Students’ Monthly
February 1915
Bock Ngar Chy advertisement

San Francisco Chronicle
March 9, 1919
Bock Ngar Chy & Co, 920 Grant av., China 1110.
Translation Chinese and English. Rubber Stamps.

Rubber Stamp

Bock Ngar Chy Co.
Type Specimen Catalogue
circa 1925
30 pages includes one blank
5.625 x 8.5 in / 14.3 x 21.6 cm

Bock Ngar Chy Company

Bock Ngar Chy & Co……920 Grant av

Bock Ngar Chy Co……556 Kearny

Bock Ngar Chy, Youth Printing Co.
1956 Calendar
(calendar scanned three times and stitched together)

Online Archive of California
Thomas W. Chinn Interview
San Francisco Printing Companies

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